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John Meade, 1972-2017.

Archdeacon John Meade, coadjutor bishop-elect of the diocese of Western Newfoundland, died early in the morning of November 29,2017. He was 45.

Meade had been in the hospital throughout the summer, but "faced his deteriorating medical situation with a calm faith," according to a statement by the ecclesiastical province of Canada.

Western Newfoundland Bishop Percy Coffin said Meade "certainly was a dedicated person to his task--unwavering, unfaltering. He was just so committed."

It was "a great sadness" that Meade was never consecrated as bishop, Coffin said. Meade, who was elected at a diocesan synod held in June 2017, was to have succeeded Coffin, who at press time, was scheduled to retire at the end of December.

After his election, Meade shared his history of struggling with Crohn's disease, a chronic inflammatory disorder, that at that time was in remission. Meade said he was "very humbled," by his election and expressed a passion for a collaborative approach to leadership.

Meade served in various parishes in the dioceses of Western Newfoundland and Central Newfoundland, before becoming executive archdeacon and assistant to the bishop of Western New-foundland in 2013.

He is is survived by his wife of 15 years, Kelly.

Joelle Kidd


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