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John Locke, Toleration and Early Enlightenment Culture: Religious Intolerance and Arguments for Religious Toleration in Early Modern and 'Early Enlightenment' Europe.


John Locke, toleration and early enlightenment culture; religious intolerance and arguments for religious toleration in early modern and 'early enlightenment' Europe.

Marshall, John.

Cambridge U. Pr.


767 pages



Cambridge Studies in Early Modern British History


Marshall (history, Johns Hopkins U.) characterizes religious toleration as the central value of the early Enlightenment, with the "republic of letters" as its central cultural form. He describes the work of Locke, LeClerc, Bayle and others as running directly counter to traditional authority and implicit faith. Focusing on the 1680s and on France, England and the Netherlands, Marshall analyzes Catholic and Protestant intolerance, including within the Huguenot community in exile, justifications of intolerance and the emergence of arguments for toleration, including patristic and medieval sources, reactions to sexual difference, and arguments for and against tolerance, and the early Enlightenment defense of toleration and the resulting "republic of letters," including efforts for, against and by Jews, Muslims and other non-Christians. He includes the epistemological, philological, theological and ethical justifications for religious toleration at the time.

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