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John Hunter Column: CHOOSE YOUR WEAPONS.

THE Fourth Secret of Fatima, as yet undeclared, has to be that in strictly military terms, the IRA had no problem in letting Cyril and Martii seal a couple of their dumps.

You can bet that the weapons and explosives they contain are either not immediately required or can be readily replaced either from other unrevealed caches or friends in the USA.

Ironically, the further along the peace-road the IRA go, the more they will need weaponry of a certain kind, not to fight the British Army but to defend their personnel from dissident republican and loyalist foot-in-the-door attacks. The small-arms involved in the smuggling operation in Florida are the calibre of weapons required. Somebody in the quartermaster's department is a forward thinker.

The real problem in revealing even the limited amount of weaponry is a political one, directly connected with their own members and the danger of a drift to the Real/Continuity IRA in the face of surrender accusations. Ironically, a full-thrust, unionist drive for time-scale de-commissioning could result in the emergence of a re-vitalised republican breakaway, armed and ready for war.
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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Hunter, John
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 2, 2000
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