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John Flake.

Name: John Flake Age: 43 Title: Partner in Flake Tabor Tucker Wells And Kelly Inc.

If he were to leave the commercial real estate business, John Flake has the makings of a chamber of commerce leader.

His glad-handing style and civic activities are well known.

"In the '90s, I'm going to concentrate on the growth of my company and continued commitment to community development in projects like the expansion out at the [Little Rock Regional] airport," Flake says.

Flake seems to have survived a real estate shakeout that pushed some risktaking developers over the financial brink.

He endured some bruises from deeds forfeited in lieu of foreclosure and unplanned cash calls to keep other deals afloat.

Flake rid himself of a public relations thorn by reworking the debt on Little Rock's tallest building, the 40-story TCBY Tower.

The real estate slump could prompt Flake to shift his attention from visionary developments to more conservative efforts such as the addition to the Proctor & Gamble Building at Fayetteville.

He can still capture a headline, though, such as his $4.62-million land purchase at the Megamarket Shopping Center in west Little Rock.
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Title Annotation:Our 30 for the 90's - An Update
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Sep 16, 1991
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