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John E. Fryer, M.D.

Dr. John E. Fryer, Professor Emeritus, Temple University died February 28, 2003. Dr. Fryer joined the Temple staff in 1967 and retired in 2000. His years of service to Temple included focusing on his professional interests in AIDS, hospice care, alcoholism, substance abuse, and death and dying.

His extensive work included a notable writing on "The Psychiatrist in Hospice Care: Proper Use of Psychotherapeutic Skills and Psychotropic Medication," which was published in Seminars in Oncology. Also, he was a guest lecturer at numerous seminars and conferences, and served in various positions with several professional and community organizations.

Dr. Fryer was honored for his dedicated work in the field of Psychology. In 1993, he was the recipient of the American Psychiatric Association's Nancy C.A. Roseske Award for Psychiatric Teaching. In addition to his professional achievements, Dr. Fryer was a published poet and was involved in his community church.

Dr. Fryer's deep involvement in his communities, both personally and professionally, and his dedication to his work in the field of Psychiatry have been valuable to many. His legacy at Temple University will live on.
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Date:Mar 22, 2003
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