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John Denver's faith in the environment.

It is difficult for me to identify only one favorite place on Earth. There are so many places in the world that I truly enjoy. I'd like to share a few of them with you.

Any time I can spend in the desert, especially springtime, is a powerful teacher for me. I am reminded of nature's resilience and magic when I am in the desert. For most of the year, the land is dry and vegetation is sparse. But when I see how water works its magic in the desert landscape, I am filled with wonder.

Water is scarce and precious. Thankfully, sometimes there is enough rain in early spring to bring the desert floor to life with color. The parched land changes and becomes blanketed with life in subtle shades of green, purple and blue. The stately saguaro cactus stands proudly, crowned in glistening white flowers. The prickly pear and cholla bloom in glorious yellows and vibrant pinks.

It is a flower of faith to me when I see a blossom in the desert. I pause and am enriched by its strength and vulnerability. At these times, nature reminds me what it means to be vital and alive.

I feel most at home in the mountains. There is a place in Colorado, in a seven-mile box canyon that, to this day, remains the most beautiful place I have ever hiked in the world. In this area, there is a small alpine lake I remember fondly. It is where I first began to write the song "Rocky Mountain High." It was on a magnificent night in August of 1971, during a stunningly memorable Perseid meteor shower.

All the seasons in the Colorado high country inspire me. In summer, when the columbine and ferns are nestled in moist earth at the feet of aspen trees, I feel renewed. After the first snowfall, it looks like there is powdered sugar on the mountaintops. The pristine white is so beautiful against autumn's deep blue skies, the golden aspens and dark evergreens.

Winter's pure-white snowscape against the skies is breathtaking. My favorite color is that special blue of the winter sky that can only be seen at high altitudes. The winter also brings us the wonder of rainbows when the rays of the rising sun dance on ice crystals.

As I think of these and so many other special places, my heart turns to Alaska. It embodies everything that nature means to me. Alaska is the wildest place I know of on this Earth.

There is wisdom

in nature's untamed power

I have clear images of the times I have spent in the land of the midnight sun. I can still see the rich colors of twilight and the lasting dawn light of the summer hours. My whole being remembers the golden intensity of a wolf's eyes. I find myself without adequate words for describing the vital, raw power of the massive polar bear and the grizzly. The grizzly is a master at fishing. In fact, the grizzly is a master at catching, which is more than I can say for myself, even though you can count on catching something, since nature provides in abundance.

In Alaska's wildness, there is a precious legacy -- a vital key to continuing life on this planet.

Alaska epitomizes our environmental challenge: How do we find a balance between people and nature? In Alaska, we see the need to conserve and protect our greatest natural treasures -- even to the extent that we may have to sacrifice some of the technology the human mind has given us. To completely control the untamed part of nature is to irreparably damage ourselves as humans.

While wild places are precious, there are other natural places that give us a special connection to the living world. Neighborhood parks, window boxes in cities and flowering backyards -- any place that brings us in touch with nature is special and to be cherished.

Any place.
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Title Annotation:Special Advertising Section; My Favorite Place
Author:Denver, John
Date:Nov 1, 1991
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