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John Clowes' things to do in the garden this week.

WHAT would the garden be without a thick, lush lawn to contrast with the multi-colours of summer? It does need attention every week but the visual reward outweighs the short time needed to keep the lawn in tip-top shape.

To minimise the effort needed to keep the grass cut, set aside time every weekend to mow the grass. Regular mowing is quick and easy compared to leaving the grass until it's so long that the cuttings box is full in a few minutes.

During an average summer rain showers should keep the lawn well watered. But if it looks like a drought spell is on the cards it is definitely worth getting out the hosepipe. To ensure the water soaks in, spike the surface with a garden fork and then set the sprinkler to work.

To measure how much water is being delivered, place jam jars around the area so you can see when the 3cm level is reached.

As the grass continues to grow all summer, so too do the weeds.

You can spend hours digging up the roots or you can spray them away. Verdone Extra RTU contains three different selective weedkillers. One spray will easily kill common weeds.

For best results soil should be moist before you start and the weeds actively growing. In June this shouldn't be a problem.

Wait three days after mowing before you apply, this will ensure there is plenty of weed leaf to absorb the weedkiller. Wait at least another three days before you mow the lawn to allow the weedkillers to get down to the plant roots.

TIP OF THE WEEK IF YOU want your lawn to be lush and green for next weekend, why not treat it to a high nitrogen feed such as Miracle-Gro Lawn Food.

Applied through a watering can this gets to work quickly and shows great results in just five days.
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Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Jun 16, 2013
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