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John Baldessari: Some Stories.

This videotape is identified as "A Portrait by Peter Kirby," and a portrait it is. It introduces the viewer to a contemporary artist noted for his innovative art forms which tend to be governed by a very conceptual methodology -- one that argues that a work of art is essential in one's mind. As one meets and listens to the artist, one is given adequate time and concurrent opportunity to observe the results of his approach.

Baldessari's work is well presented as he discusses a wide range of his pieces. The conceptual grounding, motivation, critical process, and technical base of his letter/word art forms, photo montages, films and videotapes are given to the viewer in the form of an interview. One can also enjoy the rough edges that accompany such a presentation. This is a provocative resource of great value in advancing the understanding of a most abstract art mode. It is meant for the advanced learner, especially one who has good grounding in contemporary aesthetics.
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Publication:School Arts
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Date:Apr 1, 1992
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