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Johannes Willi, 2010, The Early Relations of England with Borneo to 1805.

Johannes Willi, 2010, The Early Relations of England with Borneo to 1805 (General Books, Memphis, Tennessee; ISBN 978 1154 950 649; ii + 106pp; pbk, 11.98 [pounds sterling], via, 23 September 2011; originally published by H. Beyer, 16 Langensalza, 1922).

This reprint is a disgrace.

First of all, there must be hundreds of typographical errors; and not just minor ones, which could have been easily overlooked. On the contrary, in many places sentences are reduced to gibberish. To take an example at random (from page 76, italics mine): "Some of tho. se houses eveo had two storeys to the great surprise of the x-urc; c-au. s, who had never met with ueh anywhere else in the ilal. iy Ar "iipoln o". Your guess is as good as mine. Or (from page 68): "4. Tlo Chl.-Inp of Z? lrri:j; i.osj-"a and its Oepe doocy at IGovnoo? iopoo". Likewise.

Second, the content has become dislocated, with the result that footnotes appear halfway up the page, with sections of the main text both above and below them.

Third, furthermore, the said "footnotes" are all marked by an open-bracket sign "(" rather than by numbers; so that the reader is left to puzzle out not just where the text proper begins and ends, but also to which "footnote" each symbol refers.

Nor are the chapters properly separated.

Although an explanation of the issuer's modus operandi is offered on page ii, this new edition of Johannes Willi's book is a big disappointment and almost completely useless. Nobody is well served, neither the publisher, nor the reader, and, least of all, the author.

Caveat emptor.

(AVM Horton, Bordesley, Worcestershire, UK)

(16) 'Beyer and Mann' according to Brown 1970:234.

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Author:Horton, A.V.M.
Publication:Borneo Research Bulletin
Article Type:Brief article
Date:Jan 1, 2011
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