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Joe has made a name for himself - literally!


A HUGE congratulations to City of Birmingham Gymnastics Club's Joe Fraser who, after inventing his own unique move on the pommel horse, has had it ratified by the international gymnastics governing body.

Joe performed the 'Fraser' at a recent World Cup event in Portugal on June 14, this means that new skill is now added to the Code of Points (the gymnastics judging bible).

Wow! It finally share move GYMNASTICS It has taken perfect Joe has been working to perfect the 'Fraser' for a period of five years and with his strength, technical aptitude and tenacity, the technically complex element has been unveiled from its top secrecy and being the first person to perform the move, he has the honour of it having his name scribed into the history books.

Joe becomes the second British performer to make the FIG code of Points after James May in 1992, who performed a unique skill on the vault, which to this day has not been performed by another gymnast in competition.

The pommel horse has always been something of a specialist piece for Joe out of the six compulsory apparatus for Men's Artistic Gymnastics. In his recent World Challenge Cup event in Guimares, Portugal, Joe made the finals on pommel horse and rings, which has been something of an achievement as this was his return to competition after sustaining a number of torn ankle ligaments after a dislocation.

It is every elite gymnast's dream to have their own move included in the FIG Code of Points.

At the tender age of 19, this is a monumental achievement so early in his career. Joe is an amazing talent and it is always a joy when interviewing him at the City of Birmingham Gymnastics Club.

is great to the new with the community.

He is extremely excited about the 'Fraser' being included in the Code of Points and said: "Wow! It is great to finally share the new move with the gymnastics community.

a while to 'Fraser'.

Fraser "It has taken a while to perfect the 'Fraser' so that it could be demonstrated at a major event.

"The skill starts with a scissor-like swing from both handles hops on to one handle into handstand and then swings back down again into another scissoring swing.

"It is a great feeling to have the honour of a skill being named after you and would like to thank everyone who has helped me along this amazing journey. It is a very special moment."

Joe Fraser on the pommel horse

means Wow! It is great to finally share the new move with the gymnastics community. It has taken a while to perfect the 'Fraser'. Joe Fraser

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Date:Jun 27, 2018
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