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Jobs for the week.

Byline: Diarmuid Gavin

1 Some strawberries are ready for picking - harvest them as they ripen and eat before some passing snail decides it looks a nice dessert.

2 Looking forward, you need to plant autumnflowering bulbs now, so if you want nerine, autumn crocus, and amaryllis, now's the time to get them into the soil.

3 Collect foxglove seeds and sow now in trays. This is a longer-term project - most foxgloves are biennial. That means they will only develop leaves next year and flower and die the following year.

4 Summer prune wisteria - this just means cutting back long whippy shoots to about six leaves. You do this when the wisteria is finished flowering to encourage it to form more flower buds for next year.

5 When onion leaves start falling over or dying back, it's time to lift them.

Choose a sunny day and let them dry out.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 14, 2012
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