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Jobs for the week; Gardening.

Byline: with Adrienne Wild

1. Green clean

Empty the greenhouse and give the glass, framework and benches a good clean. This will prevent any pests and diseases from overwintering. Clean pots too and check plants for pests and diseases before putting them back indoors.

2. Warm roots

Although hardy chrysanthemums will come through the winter, it's a good idea to protect the roots from freezing temperatures. Lay down a deep layer of homemade compost or bark mulch over the root zone now to trap in summer warmth.

3. Light bulbs

Place spring bulbs in aquatic plant baskets so they can be planted in their flowering positions in borders. They can be lifted later to make room for new plants, and replanted in a corner to die back naturally.

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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Sep 17, 2017
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