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Dr. Richard J. Ambrose has been promoted to director of chemical research and development, and Dr. Lane R. Miller was promoted to director of mechanical research and development for Lord's Cary research and development operation. Dr. Theodore G. Duclos was named research manager, advanced technology, and Dr. Michael G. O'Callaghan was named manager, Controllable Fluids Device Business.

Patrick McDonnell has become safety engineer at General Tire's Dynagen synthetic rubber division. Homer Luman was appointed technical superintendent.


The board of directors of Sumitomo Chemical appointed Hideo Mori chairman, Masayasu Takeuchi, vice chairman and Akio Kosai president of the corporation. Takeshi Hijikata stepped down from the board but will continue as counselor.

Dr. Charles J. Hora, Jr., has been promoted to president of Lord. Accepting a Promotion to senior vice president of the company was Thomas J. Loftus. Dr. David L. Lewis has become general manager of the Chemical Products Division.

Robin J.C. Mitchell has been appointed president of Allied Tire, a subsidiary of Dunlop Tire.

Thomas W. Leary, Jr., has joined General Tire as vice president, manufacturing, at the company's Mayfield, KY, plant. Julie Salinas has become environmental health and safety manager and Jeff Garmon advanced to production department manager at the company's synthetic rubber division in Odessa, TX.

Carole Wendt has been named regional purchasing manager for Goodyear's chemical facilities in Houston, TX, replacing Ron Wells, who is transferring to the company's European operations.

Herman J. Melotti has been appointed manager of technical strategies and Roger R. Riffle was promoted to manager of market engineering within Kelly-Springfield's Tire Technology Division.

Eric Woodruff has become quality assurance manager at Vesta.

Cesar A. Cardenas has been appointed director of operations for the liquid coatings business within Ferro's Plastic Colorants and Dispersions Division.


Patrick J. Logue has become director of product marketing for Dunlop Tire.

Craig J. Stoneback advanced to business director of specialty minerals, Carlton Johnson was named business director of colors and Subhash Lele has become director of new business development for Engelhard's Specialty Minerals & Colors Group.

John D. Borseth has been elected senior vice president of corporate sales and marketing for Newcor.

J. Winn Darden has joined Huls America as a sales representative for coatings raw materials. Richard A. Kowach has been named sales representative within the Colorants & Additives Division. Huls also promoted Donald P. Miller to director of marketing, architectural and industrial colorants; Lisa A. Westerfield to manager, marketing, of in-plant colorants; and Dr. Martin Feldman to manager of marketing for industrial colorants.


A. James Freeman, vice chairman and chief executive officer at Lord, will retire June 30.

Former United Rubber Workers international president Milan Stone and former international vice president Joseph H. Johnston and nine other URW staff members retired in March. Other URW retirees are: Louis S. Beliczky, safety and health pioneer; Dante V. Cotrufo, administrative assistant to the international vice president; Carl Dimengo, assistant research director; and representatives Darwin Bixler, Chester J. Wierzbowski, Joe F. Johnson, Howard C. Ligon, Thomas E. Jenkins and Carmelo Spadaro.


Nancy M. Trahey, project manager at National Institute of Standards and Technology, has been elected chairman of the American Society for Testing and Materials for 1993. Other appointments are: George C. Moran, Public Service Electric and Gas, vice chairman; and Arthur Cohen, Copper Development Association, re-elected treasurer. The following were elected directors for three-year terms: Gilbert F. Bourcier, Reynolds Metals; G. Thomas Castino, Underwriters Laboratories; William M. Edmunds, Owens Corning Fiberglass; David C. Jeanes, American Iron and Steel Institute; Richard S. Ladd, Woodward-Clyde Consultants; and James S. Pierce, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.

R.A. Lofland has been named chairman of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers' 1993 Composites Manufacturing Association and John McEachran has been named director of SME's Conferencing Division.


Dr. George A. Roberts, chairman of Teledyne, has been selected 1992 recipient of the ASM Medal for the advancement of research.


William T. Cruse, chief operating officer of The Society of the Plastics Industry until his retirement in 1967, died April 4, at the age of 89.
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Date:May 1, 1993
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