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Joan Netzel.

A fine arts major. A black belt in Karate. Managing a human resources project? Joan Netzel's training and career path seem an atypical combination for a financial executive. She holds a degree in fine arts, to which she added a business management major and certified public accountant designation, and more recently she's added human resources experiences. Joan says she learned early on that -- although she had interest in the fine arts -- the best way to earn a living was through a practical discipline. Her diverse experiences seem well-suited for integrating her many roles.

Name: Joan Netzel

Title: Vice President, Audit Project Manager

Company/Industry: SunTrust Bank, Atlanta, Ga., the ninth largest U.S. bank, serving markets primarily in the Southeast and Washington, D.C.

Born: Wausau, Wis., Aug. 13, 1951

Spouse: John Gronwall

Children: Through marriage: Heidi, 25; Jeff, 18

Education Summary: Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Wisconsin 1973; Bachelor of Business Administration, management with accounting emphasis, University of New Mexico, 1980; Certified Public Accountant

Career History: 1980-82, Public accounting, auditor, Fox and Co. in Albuquerque, N.M.; 1983-92, controller, then CFO, New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority (NMMFA), Albuquerque, N.M., a quasi-governmental organization that issues mortgage revenue bonds for low and moderate income housing. "I was involved in all aspects of issuing and managing public market debt instruments for over $1.3 billion over nine years. I then moved to Atlanta -- along with other outplaced CFOs due to industry consolidations -- and became (in 1994-98) controller of Scitrek, a science museum, and got involved with managing human resources for the organization. Then I took the position three years ago as internal auditor with SunTrust Bank, Atlanta."

FEI Chapter: Atlanta; Charter member of New Mexico Chapter; Chairperson for FEI's Committee on Benefits and Finance (CBF) 2001-2002; FEI Executive Committee member and National Leadership Board

Leisure Pursuits: "Some of my activities include golf (which I've played for about 20 years); alpine skiing (that I combine with annual family visits to Colorado); running (down these days to just a few miles a month); travel (mostly U.S., but now, with my new partner, we plan to visit Italy and more of Europe); and am newly married. I met my husband playing golf in SunTrust's golf league. We were partners for several months before even dating, and within one year, were married this past July and honeymooned in Hilton Head -- golfing and bicycling. By the way, he's the better golfer!"

Time Management Tip: "Schedule all seven days and be sure to include personal as well as business activities. I've never had a job that could be finished. Analyze deadlines to be sure they are real."

Stress Management Advice: "Since so much of my work involves being grounded -- using the intellect and facilitation through machines - for me, physical activity provides balance. Also, I enjoy yoga, meditation and fresh air. For many years, I studied Karate and earned a 2nd degree black belt in Okinawan Matsubayashi Ryu Karate. This study led me to incorporating meditation and more recently, yoga, in my regime."

Best Job: "Three years ago, I joined SunTrust as an internal auditor. My current position as vice president/project manager focuses on corporate and departmental human resource systems and processes. I am involved with a talent management project to develop integrated staffing, and schedule processes around a new model that includes professional mentoring and performance management."

Other comments: "Each position in my career has been a step in personal and career development. For me, career is a journey -- as opposed to colleague CFOs who go to bigger organizations and paychecks. Those things are nice, but I haven't found them in my reality. Also, I see my role as one who brings a different view to a situation. For example, many who serve on committees are in policy-making positions. My contribution involves providing a perspective of how a policy is working; I see my leadership as coming from the middle and impacting the top,"

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