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Joan Burnie Page: Whoever thought this up should be flushed away.

Byline: JoanBurnie

SO what do you think this pretty picture is advertising then?

Cheap knickers from M&S, maybe a new waxing product or perhaps a successful tummy tuck?

I'll give you a clue. Nothing to do with the Highway Code, but have good deck at the tasteful 'no entry' sign placed south of the belly button.

Still haven't got it? Took me some time as well.

But then it's not meant for the likes of me, or indeed any woman.

This one is strictly for the boys' eyes only. The girlies aren't supposed to look at it.

So just another bit of titillation?

No, stupid - don't you understand, it's part of a new pounds 500,000 Government anti-rape campaign.

As well as printing the ad in the men's mags, the poster is going to be stuck up in gents' toilets in pubs, clubs and bars everywhere.

Whoever thought this one up should have their head stuck down the nearest lavatory to flush away any more bright ideas he - and chances are it is a he - comes up with.

Can't you just see the guys standing there doing their business, squinting up at the poster and, if they think about it at all, wondering if the bird's boobs are as fit as the rest of her?

I doubt as they make themselves tidy that they'll have time to read the small print at the bottom, the bit which says in tiny type, "If you don't get a yes, don't have sex."

I THINK the idea is that unless a guy gets a signed statement, possibly witnessed by a lawyer, that he mustn't presume his partner wants to get her knickers - with or without the traffic sign - off for him.

But it's about as likely to prevent rape as the speed limit is to stop Jeremy Clarkson from putting his size 12s down.

Of course men shouldn't have to be told non-consensual sex is a no-go area. Fair dos, most of them don't need to be warned. They know it's wrong and anyway normal blokes don't want to have it away with someone who is either unwilling, drunk or comatose.

But there are too many who do and this ad isn't going to stop them.

What might help however is if those magazines aimed fair and square at gents' genitals didn't give invariably give out the message that every women is gagging for it.

They're all Juicy Lucys.

Up there on the top shelves, the girls never say "no" and if they do, well any red blooded man knows they don't really mean it and all it takes to change their minds is a little ungentle persuasion. And if that doesn't work, a nice cocktail with Rohypnol added, should do the trick.

But of course the thing that really would make a difference is more rapists caught, convicted and then slung in jail for a very long time.

This ad can't even manage to get that message across - instead it says, ever so coyly, that the boys have to be careful because if they aren't, they quote, "COULD" end up in prison.

Until that could becomes WILL, we won't get anywhere.

Meantime, how long will it take before some shops starts manufacturing the pants and selling them as the latest fashion statement?

The advert is about as likely to prevent rape as the speed limit is to stop Jeremy Clarkson from putting his size 12s down'


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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Mar 17, 2006
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