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Jingle all the way !

There has been a dearth of music and musicians in recent times. Interestingly, the only new music that has come up recently is in the form of jingles done for advertisements. Three such recent offerings making the rounds are Always, Clear Shampoo and Fair and Lovely Fairness Face wash.

As part of the Always Karo Yaqeen campaign, Sara Haider, an upcoming artiste, sings about confidence and dedication around the overarching theme of women's empowerment. Though a refreshing voice, the song lacks a strong music composition and is not as lively as the last 'Khush Raho Always' song.

The Clear shampoo jingle seems to be the only experiment that has gone slightly right. That too only because it uses popular singers known for their strong vocals and, after the well-received Mera Bichra Yar, it is good to see Strings and Zoey Viccaji come together again.

The composition too is catchy compared to the other two jingles and even though the gimmick is part of the Sar Utha Kay Jeeo campaign of the brand, the best part about the song is that it promotes the brand image rather than the product. What the Fair and Lovely face wash jingle is trying to do is honestly, in layman terms, lame.

Other than one's biases against superficial products, it is difficult to understand why there needs to be a song to explain to consumers how to lather and wash their faces - crisscross, round and round and wash away, to be precise. The melody for the jingle is too similar to a poem one learnt in music class. The only difference is that the latter brings back beautiful memories while the former only haunts. Does this mean that one can look forward to more song-jingles in TVCs? Wherefore art thou, dear musicians?

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Date:Jun 30, 2014
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