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Jim Stewart.

Jim Stewart retired in November as a correspondent for CBS News after working for more than 16 years with that organization out of his 37 years as a journalist. Based in their Washington, D.C. bureau, he covered the Department of Justice, FBI, CIA and, since 1994, counterterrorism. He also contributed to "60 Minutes II" during its run from 1999 to 2005. Before joining CBS News, Stewart was national security correspondent for Cox Newspapers in Washington from 1985 to 90. Before that, he spent 12 years with the Atlanta Constitution as a reporter, special assignments editor, and assistant managing editor for news operations at the Constitution and the Atlanta Journal.

In an interview on the CBS Weblog Public Eye, Stewart was asked what he would miss most about his job. He said, "That's easy to answer.... I will miss people the most. It's not about the stories, it's about the people. I learned after switching from newspapers to broadcast journalism that this job is much harder to do. You can travel with a certain anonymity as a print reporter, with your pencil and your notepad and a quizzical look on your face. [In television news] sometimes you drag along two-ton trucks, antennas, camera crews, producers, bright lights, and televisions. It's hard to get spontaneity. It's hard to get past the veneer that people now automatically put up when they think they're 'on TV.'"

And in response to a question about how he has been able to develop his sources, he said, "... the advice that I always give to the young journalists when they ask that question is this: understand the people that you are covering. And what I mean by that is learn the culture. Example: When I covered the Pentagon I could stand in front of a general officer or an enlisted man and I could read his history on his chest. I knew what those decorations meant. I knew where he'd served, with what distinction he served, I knew where those units were. I could read his career.... Many a time I'd call somebody at the FBI and never ask a question about something that may have been burning in my mind to know the answer to. But I would just call and gossip with them about the latest promotions announced by the director. That bought me a lot of entree into an organization that is usually very close-lipped."

Stewart has won a number of awards and honors, including four Emmy Awards (one being the 2001 individual honor for best story in a national broadcast), the Sigma Delta Chi Gold Medallion for National Reporting, and the National Headliner's Award.

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