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Jim Bruce UE, B.Sc., P.Eng.

Jim Bruce is the Treasurer and Systems Analyst of the UELAC. He also served as Central East Councillor.

Jim was born in 1956 and raised in Lennoxville, Quebec. After graduating from Alexander Gait Regional High School and Champlain College, he left Lennoxville to attend Queen's University where he received a B.Sc. in Engineering Physics in 1978. After that, he moved to Toronto and worked for Ontario Hydro and Ontario Power Generation for twenty-five years. He is currently a self-employed information technology specialist.

Jim's interest in genealogy began with a school family tree project in Grade 4. His father had a box of old family documents that were used to complete the project. Jim and his father researched together until his father's death in 1995. They started with the usual family legends about being direct descendants of King Robert the Bruce and having Loyalists, royalty and horse thieves for ancestors. After a lot of research and help from various Loyalist descendants, they proved that they were descended from John Farlinger UE, who served as a drummer in the King's Royal Regiment of New York. Farlinger, a resident of Tryon County, NY, enlisted in the first battalion on 19 June 1776 and transferred to the second battalion on 24 August 1780. He settled in Cornwall in 1784.



Jim is currently researching two or three other possible Loyalist ancestors, all on his father's side of the family. All the Loyalist connections discovered so far are from eastern Ontario and south-western Quebec. Other non-Loyalist ancestors came from Scotland, England, Ireland, France and Germany. The Bruce lineage, which was the first research interest, remains stuck in Glasgow in 1840.

He joined the Little Forks Branch in Lennoxville just before the annual meeting in Halifax in 1996 and was elected Councillor, a position he held until he resigned in 2001 because of work commitments. Shortly after the annual meeting, President Bernice Flett UE asked him to examine the office computers and recommend upgrades. He was appointed Systems Analyst, a position he still holds.

With the support of Bernice Flett UE and Ed Scott UE, the office computer was upgraded and the Gazette subscription list and the membership list were computerized. This allowed the Gazette mailing list to be generated electronically and replaced a system that required each branch to prepare and send a set of mailing labels to Dominion Office. Mailing lists are now sent to the mailing house using the Internet and the addresses are printed directly on the envelopes. This allows the readership to receive each issue of the Gazette directly and at a lower overall cost.

Jim was elected Treasurer in 2004. The Treasurer manages the routine financial affairs of the Association, including making bank deposits, paying bills and providing financial reports to Council and the executive, as required. The Treasurer also makes arrangements to have the Association books audited every year so that the audited statements can be presented at the annual meeting. He is continuing the work begun by his predecessors to improve the budgeting and reporting processes.

Jim married Lise Doyon of Sherbrooke, Quebec in 1985 and has two sons, Robert and Richard. Jim has several family connections with the UELAC. His father, Duncan Bruce UE, served as Councillor until his death in 1995. Jim's brother, Larry, was UELAC Treasurer from 1996 to 1999. His oldest son, Robert, is now a UELAC member.

Jim is a member of the Toronto Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society and a member of Family of Bruce International.

Jim's other interests include music and photography.
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