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Jig-Up (A Bait-Activating Tip-Up!).

BRAINERD, Minn., July 25 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Nature Vision, Inc. recently announced new products for 2005. Nature Vision, Inc. markets Aqua-Vu underwater viewing systems, Buzz Stix, Blazer Stix, Genz Stix ice rods, and other outdoor recreation products.

Until now, tip-up fishing has been a passive form of winter angling, with bait suspended motionless underneath the ice hole. A major advance in tip-up technology is Nature Vision's new Jig-Up. With a battery-powered motor, the Jig-Up actively jigs the tip-up line. That activates bait and entices more strikes!

The Jig-Up operates on two D-cell batteries for up to 12 continuous hours at 10-degrees F. The Jig-Up withstands frigid temperatures and tough use, thanks to H-frame tough-plastic design and rugged ABS construction. A break- away drive shaft allows fish to run freely with the bait.

(NOTE: A tip-up is an ice-fishing device, complete with line spool, that permits an angler to watch for strikes at a distance and to cover more territory. When a biting fish pulls line off the tip-up's submerged spool a flag tips up to signal the bite.)

Retailing for only $19.95, Nature Vision, Inc.'s innovative Jig-Up is a giant step forward in tip-up fishing -- giving life to dead bait and keeping live bait livelier! Jig-Up is a tip-up that not only signals strikes. It triggers them!

For more information, or to receive Nature Vision, Inc. product images, please contact Trevor Sumption at or (218) 824-3803.

CONTACT: Trevor Sumption of Nature Vision, Inc., +1-218-824-3803,

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Date:Jul 25, 2005
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