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Jig & fixture design.

Jig and fixture design update

Edward G Hoffman, CMfgE and Certified Advanced Metrication Specialist (CAMS), covers basic concepts of tool design for technician-level students in his book, Jig & Fixture Design, 2nd ed. It incorporates the latest ANSI Y14.5M and industry practices. It has a new unit on tooling for NC machines, and there is new material covering geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, modular tooling systems, power clamping, and low-cost tooling. The book now has a glossary of key terms, and most drawings have been redimensioned in US Customary measurement. It costs $16.60, with optional Instructor's Guide for $4.40, from Delmar Publishers Inc, Box 15015, Albany, NY 12212-5015. Phone 518-459-1150; in Canada, call 416-752-9100.
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Publication:Tooling & Production
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Date:Oct 1, 1985
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