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Jiffybubble protects fresh fruit in transit.

Jiffybubble Protects Fresh Fruit in Transit

Jiffy Packaging Co Ltd supplies Jiffybubble to a number of leading fruit producers through its nationwide distributor, Ambassador Packaging Ltd. This material is used to line the base of punnets of strawberries for distribution to supermarket chains.

The packaging of soft fruit has traditionally posed problems for fruit producers; strawberries particularly are prone to damage during distribution. However, their S20 grade bubble provides cushioning support with its pockets of trapped air.

A leading UK fruit and vegetable producer tested 100,000 sheets of Jiffybubble for use with strawberry punnets. The trial run proved so successful that Jiffy Packaging was asked to supply a further 1,200,000 sheets cut to the required dimensions for placing in the punnets.

These strawberry packs are now available in major supermarkets throughout the UK. The clarity of the plastics bubble complements the clear plastics pack designs, which permit full visibility of the fruit.

PHOTO : Strawberry punnet with Jiffybubble cushioning
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Date:May 1, 1990
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