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Race-hate concerns among Welsh Jews. Apr 16, 2021 238
Manuel Quezon's 'Open Door Policy' that saved 1,300 Jews from Holocaust remembered. Apr 10, 2021 520
'Butcher' executioner for Nazis who lived in Brum; 'Kindly' pensioner who loved gardening slaughtered Jews in the war. Mike Lockley Features Staff Apr 8, 2021 1531
NAZI PIECE OF WORK... 'Kindly' pensioner who loved gardening was a 'butcher' who slaughtered Jews in the war. MIKE LOCKLEY Sunday Mercury Writer Apr 4, 2021 1365
Mark Meechan: Man fined [pounds sterling]800 for teaching his dog to salute when hearing 'gas the jews' to stand in Scottish Parliament election; A man who hit the headlines after being fined for teaching his dog to salute when hearing 'gas the jews' and 'sieg heil' is reportedly standing in the Scottish Parliament elections. Rachel Mackie Apr 1, 2021 219
On Ramadan and Passover, a reminder of how far we have come. Rabbi Marc Schneier Mar 26, 2021 1053
Temple of Janus now known to be part of city's baths; Our occasional series on the Story of Leicester, with words and pictures from the city council, continues with the history of Jewry Wall, one of Britain's largest pieces of Roman masonry. Mar 24, 2021 587
Welcome Passover Passover: Get creative with ingredients Apple, Walnut and Fig Haroset With Mulled Wine Syrup Dried Fruit Haroset With Cardamom and Lemon. Becky Krystal The Washington Post Mar 24, 2021 1809
1,700 YEARS OF JEWISH LIFE IN GERMANY. Mar 22, 2021 1973
Jews in gulf region to receive shipment of matzos ahead of Passover. Arab News Mar 21, 2021 184
Activist still in election running as Plaid admits failing Jews. MARTIN SHIPTON Political editor-at-large Mar 17, 2021 774
Temple of Janus now known to be part of city's baths; Our occasional series on the Story of Leicester, with words and pictures from the city council, continues with the history of Jewry Wall, one of Britain's largest pieces of Roman masonry. Mar 17, 2021 589
Recontextualising the news: How antisemitic discourses are constructed in extreme far-right alternative media. Haanshuus, Birgitte P.; Ihlebaek, Karoline Andrea Mar 15, 2021 7073
The ARK raises record-breaking $84,000 for Jews in need during Purim celebration. Chelsea Rosenberg Mar 12, 2021 258
Former Singapore national serviceman detained under ISA for plotting knife attack on Jews at Rochor synagogue, planning to join Palestinian miltant group. Mar 10, 2021 1097
The hatred and hostility underpinning Yemeni Houthis' political ideology. Hani Nasira Mar 5, 2021 1472
PERSECUTION AND LONGING OF YEMENITE JEWS IN THE HANDSOME JEW. Alwuraafi, Ebrahim Mohammed Critical essay Mar 1, 2021 10763
Happy Easter as church doors to reopen. KIERAN BEATTIE Feb 24, 2021 650
The IHRA Antisemitism Definition and Racism. Feb 14, 2021 892
Gina out of The Mandalorian. Feb 12, 2021 260
Gina out of The Mandalorian. Feb 12, 2021 260
I am a Jew and I Want Palestinians Heard in Court. Reprint Feb 8, 2021 953
Temple of Janus now known to be part of city's baths; Our occasional series on the Story of Leicester, with words and pictures from the city council, continues with the history of Jewry Wall, one of Britain's largest pieces of Roman masonry. Feb 3, 2021 588
I owe it to the millions of Jews who perished to share my story; HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR, 90, TELLS OF FAMILY'S ORDEAL IN MOVING SPEECH. DAVID IRWIN News Reporter Feb 1, 2021 591
The story of how one little boy managed to escape the clutches of Nazism; Yesterday was Holocaust Memorial Day. RACHAEL NICHOL spoke to a survivor's son, who has shared his father's story of escaping Hitler's Germany via the Kindertransport operation. RACHAEL NICHOL Jan 28, 2021 989
Remembering one man's story of escaping Nazis; Yesterday was Holocaust Memorial Day. RACHAEL NICHOL spoke to a survivor's son, who has shared his father's story of escaping on the Kindertransport. Jan 28, 2021 1003
How Shanghai saved thousands of Jews from the Holocaust. Jan 26, 2021 800
Tauber: A reminder of madness that almost destroyed the Jewish community in BiH. Jan 25, 2021 388
Jafza joins forces with Star-K Kosher for Kosher-certified food. Jan 24, 2021 536
Presidency of Republic denies false statements attributed to Kais Saied about Jews. Jan 20, 2021 308
Morocco, Unique Example of Coexistence between Jews and Muslims - Jewish Community of Mexico. Jan 20, 2021 407
That Resignation Call By Northern Elder's Forum. Jan 19, 2021 2701
The man who 1,000; THE BIG SATURDAY READ MY PART IN PROSEC ECUTING THE NAZIS AT Nuremberg. Jan 9, 2021 2137
The man who avenged 1,000,000; THE BIG SATURDAY READ MY PART IN PROSEC ECUTING THE NAZIS AT Nuremberg. Jan 9, 2021 2137
the conversation. Jan 1, 2021 2226
The Jews of Central and South America. Mariaschin, Daniel S. Jan 1, 2021 1717
An Introduction to Hebrew Lit: Congruency, Clash, and Collision. Ashkenazi, Yiftach; Schory, Dekel Shay Jan 1, 2021 457
True, hatred of Jews is also racism. Dec 31, 2020 785
Is There Something Wrong with a Program that Encourages In-Marriage? Dec 24, 2020 1224
The UAE's first open Hanukkah. Rebecca Anne Proctor Dec 24, 2020 911
Scotland's Hate Crime Bill: Why Muslims' and Jews' shared experiences of racism must be heard - Professor Joe Goldblatt; "A bomb may be planted in my car." These words were whispered to me by my father when I was 15. Joe Goldblatt Dec 22, 2020 1162
Adalah rights organization heads to Supreme Court to battle Israel s Jewish Nation-State Law. Dec 21, 2020 231
2020 played an important role in restoring the historical memory of Ukrainian Jews, - Lozhkin. Dec 21, 2020 414
Gantz: Latin American Jews could be Hizbullah terror target. Dec 18, 2020 232
Morocco has 'Special' Ties to Israel and Jews, says Foreign Minister. Dec 14, 2020 561
Report: Polish Diplomat in Istanbul Rescued Hundreds of Jews from the Holocaust. Dec 14, 2020 379
Moroccan schools to teach Jewish history and culture. Dec 13, 2020 761
Jewish festival heads online. KIERAN BEATTIE Dec 12, 2020 348
NY Times Features Non-Jew Shunning Chanukah Observance. Dec 10, 2020 369
Churches condemn attempted arson of the Church of Gethsemane in Jerusalem by a radical religious Jew. Dec 5, 2020 523
A Short Film Offers New Perspective on Birthright Israel Trips -- Through the Eyes of Russian Jews. Dec 4, 2020 840
Why Did Hitler Hate the Jews? Buhle, Willis M. Book review Dec 1, 2020 653
Amanpour in trouble for Holocaust comparison. Nov 27, 2020 326
Neo-Nazis Spread Hate Flyers Attacking Jews in Texas. Nov 13, 2020 262
Neo-Nazis Spread Hate Fliers Attacking Jews in Texas. Nov 13, 2020 262
The Ritz Carlton, Bahrain becomes Kingdom's first kosher-certified hotel. Josh Corder Nov 10, 2020 500
Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass. Reprint Nov 10, 2020 1433
Joe Biden's Jewish Family. Nov 10, 2020 389
Ritz Carlton becomes first to offer Kosher food in Bahrain. Nov 10, 2020 456
Rhii Jew-yo suggests new ways of storing art in London. Nov 9, 2020 547
Azerbaijan's religious leaders say Nagorno-Karabakh is not religious war. Nov 6, 2020 651
45 years In Celebration of Moments 45th Anniversary. Nov 1, 2020 1892
INDIFFERENCE IS COMPLICITY: As Jews, we must fight to save the Uighurs in China. Cotler, Irwin Nov 1, 2020 792
What Ten American Jews Learned About the United States Over the Past Year. Nov 1, 2020 1539
Symphony No. 13 in B Flat Minor (Op 113), Babi Yar: Schelomo: Rhapsodie Hobraique for Violoncello: Symphony No.1 in D Major. Bronfman, Yefim Nov 1, 2020 344
A Scottish Millennial Mission to Jews: The Conversion, Work, Theological views, and Hungarian Connections of Adolph Saphir (1831-91). Kovacs, Abraham Nov 1, 2020 7003
'Til Kingdom Come Documentary on Israel-Evangelical Relations Stirs Controversy. Oct 30, 2020 739
United States of Anxiety: The New Fears of American Jews. Oct 28, 2020 2357
Survey: Almost Half of Americans Don't Know the Meaning of anti-Semitism. Oct 27, 2020 1010
India's Bene Israel Jews. Oct 26, 2020 1710
Report Shows Steep Decline in Europe's Jewish Population. Report Oct 22, 2020 736
Armed Forces Officers Club and Hotel achieves Kosher certification. Oct 21, 2020 561
The Church without walls has a story to tell. Larry Dabniel Oct 21, 2020 693
Le DCT Abou Dhabi annonce un nouveau projet de certification casher pour les hotels de l'Emirat. Oct 20, 2020 849
Official kosher meal certificate launched for Abu Dhabi hotels. Josh Corder Oct 20, 2020 429
Anyone who Thinks Trump is Good for the Jews is a 'Freier'. Oct 19, 2020 1142
Jesus on paying taxes to the emperor. Oct 17, 2020 629
Netanyahu Vows to Bring 2,000 Ethiopian Jews in Step to Return Last of Those Stranded in African Country. Oct 9, 2020 448
Iranian Jew fights anti-Semitism for US. Oct 9, 2020 863
Ahead of the Election, Growing Numbers of U.S. Jews Consider Immigrating. Oct 2, 2020 1764
Neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement Targets Jews on Yom Kippur. Oct 1, 2020 715
Yom Kippur Synagogue Attack Leaves German Jews Still Uneasy. Sep 29, 2020 984
France vows to protect Jews after attack. Sep 28, 2020 226
France vows to protect Jews after attack. Sep 28, 2020 226
France vows to protect Jews after attack. Sep 28, 2020 226
France vows to protect Jews after attack. Sep 28, 2020 226
France vows to protect Jews after attack. Sep 28, 2020 224
France vows to protect Jews after attack. Sep 28, 2020 226
France vows to protect Jews after attack. Sep 28, 2020 226
Paris exhibition sheds light on the now-departed Jews of Morocco. Rawaa Talass Sep 25, 2020 817
Trump Quoted as Saying that Jews are 'Only in it for Themselves'. Sep 24, 2020 319
Jews May Not be Able to Visit the Western Wall Prayers can Still be Placed There. Sep 24, 2020 250
A Transnational Flow of Literary Ideas among Friends. Lynch, Vivian Valvano Book review Sep 22, 2020 3139
Muslims and Jews of the Gulf can set an inspiring example. Rabbi Marc Schneier Sep 18, 2020 649
Jews have Lived in Bahrain for 140 Years. The country's Peace Deal with Israel Changes their Lives. Sep 17, 2020 1003
Study: More than 10% of Americans under 40 Think Jews Caused the Holocaust. Sep 17, 2020 654
Emirates Flight Catering signs MoU to form Kosher Arabia. Sep 17, 2020 559
President Aliyev congratulates Azerbaijan's Jewish community. Sep 16, 2020 314
President Aliyev: Azerbaijan among few countries with no anti-Semitism. Sep 16, 2020 348
Bette Midler Shines as an Angry Jew in HBO's 'Coastal Elites'. Sep 15, 2020 377
Jews air concerns over 'anti-Semitic' Plaid Senedd bid. MARTIN SHIPTON Political editor-at-large Sep 11, 2020 700
UAE Uses Koran to Justify Peace with Israelis and Jews. Sep 7, 2020 593
Al Habtoor unit introduces Kosher cuisine in UAE. Sep 3, 2020 208
Dubai hotel claims kosher food first. Arab News Sep 3, 2020 193
Islamic Scholar: 'Only Sephardi Jews Have the Right to Live in Palestine'. Sep 1, 2020 361
Incarcerated Islamist Preacher in Colorado, who called for Murdering Jews, Complains about being Forced to Eat Kosher Food. Sep 1, 2020 524
Nutrition in Science and Scripture. Hollman, Jay Sep 1, 2020 5118
IS FREE SPEECH ON THE WANE? Everyone nowadays is afraid of ideas--even Jews. Breger, Marshall Sep 1, 2020 873
Should Jews Still Be Democrats? Sep 1, 2020 824
moment debate. Sep 1, 2020 832
JEWS OF COLOR: The Power--and Limitations--of a Porous Term. Breger, Sarah Travel narrative Sep 1, 2020 2003
Mabrouk and mazel tov to all Muslims and Jews in this new era of peace. Ronald S. Lauder Aug 15, 2020 891
Contribution of British Jews. Aug 12, 2020 242
Life of Mountain Jews through eyes of artist. Aug 12, 2020 526
Life of Mountain Jews through eyes of artist [PHOTO]. Aug 12, 2020 551
17% of American Jews Attended a Virtual Prayer Service in July Compared to Half of Christians. Aug 10, 2020 313
Toronto Polish-Language Newspaper Blames Jews for the Pandemic. Aug 7, 2020 255
'Anti-Semitism did not die overnight after the Holocaust. In many places it festered beneath the surface, and it continues to do so' LINDA SCOTT and MONICA STERN, Co-Presidents of the Representative Council of North East Jewry, on the"ancient hatred"that must never return to the forefront. Linda Scott and Monica Stern Aug 6, 2020 1062
'Anti-Semitism did not die overnight after the Holocaust. In many places it festered beneath the surface, and continues to do so' LINDA SCOTT AND MONICA STERN, CO-PRESIDENTS OF THE REPRESENTATIVE COUNCIL OF NORTH EAST JEWRY, ON THE "ANCIENT HATRED" THAT MUST NEVER RETURN TO THE FOREFRONT. Linda Scott and Monica Stern Aug 6, 2020 1119
UNITED WE BAND; Music industry's noteto condemn Jew-slurs rapper700 slam Wiley rantsStars call for 'love, not hate'. EXCLUSIVE by Alan Selby Aug 2, 2020 599
In violation of the status quo, Israeli police allows fanatic Jews to hold rituals at the Islamic Al-Aqsa Mosque. Jul 30, 2020 184
Do Jews have a Future in America? Jul 29, 2020 1078
How did Europe's Jews Cope with a 17th-Century Plague? Jul 29, 2020 756
Farrakhan Flunky: 'Jews Run Hollywood, Fueled Slavery, Sold Sheets and Nooses to KKK'. Jul 28, 2020 195
Jewish Doctors in Nazi-Occupied Poland Stopped an Epidemic in its Tracks. Jul 28, 2020 800
Anti-Jew rant sees Twitter ban Wiley. Jul 26, 2020 207
Anti-Jew rant sees Twitter ban Wiley. Jul 26, 2020 207
Rapper dropped after slurs on Jews. Jul 26, 2020 198
Palestinian Foreign Minister Claims the Jews Control Apple and Google. Jul 24, 2020 236
Pandemic Fuels Real Estate Surge as Diaspora Jewry Realizes Israel 'Safest Place to Be'. Jul 23, 2020 528
Two-state solution may be only way to achieve peace; LETTERS. Jul 23, 2020 288
Far-Left French Politician Accuses Jews Responsibility for Jesus' Death. Jul 21, 2020 262
World Jewish population 14,410,700 but 80% Unconnected. Jul 21, 2020 454
The Last Jews in Afghanistan Argued so much the Taliban Kicked them out of Prison and Stole their Torah. Jul 17, 2020 816
The Holy Land is rightful home of the Jewish people; LETTERS. Jul 17, 2020 329
Former NYPD Commissioner Warns US Jews: Protect your Communities. Jul 16, 2020 372
Vile Lies: Hamas Says Jews Perpetrated Holocaust to Euthanize Special Needs Population. Jul 13, 2020 256
UK Neo-nazis tell followers to "deliberately infect" Jews and Muslims with coronavirus; A shocking report from the Commission for Countering Extremism said the lockdown had been exploited. By, Abigail O'Leary Jul 10, 2020 380
Jewish Football Player Wasn't "Surprised no one Stood up for Jews' when NFL Star said 'Hitler was Right'. Jul 9, 2020 718
Special school assistant head suspended for racist tweets; JEWS AND TRAVELLERS TARGETED. LIAM THORP ECHO Reporter @LIAMTHORPECHO Jul 4, 2020 367
Plaid probe over candidate accused of anti-semitism. WILL HAYWARD Acting political editor Jul 2, 2020 714
Plaid probe after antisemitic claim. will hayward Acting Political Editor Jul 2, 2020 728
Plaid Cymru launches investigation after Senedd candidate accused of antisemitism; Sahar Al-Faifi has deleted tweets and the Board of Deputies of British Jews has called for her to be excluded from the party. By, Will Hayward Jul 1, 2020 667
Jordan's Royal Institute: 'Arabs, not Jews, Founded and Built Jerusalem'. Jul 1, 2020 583
N.Y. Public School Board Run By Orthodox Jews Must Change Voting System, Court Rules. Jul 1, 2020 553
Extremist Activity is Growing in the Pandemic. How Worried Should Jews Be? Jun 29, 2020 1123
Oldest Hatred Rears its Head as the New York Times Justifies Black Anti-Semitism. Jun 23, 2020 701
Tribute to Jews killed in Nazi era; AUSTRIA. Jun 23, 2020 166
BLAMING JEWS FOR THE BLACK DEATH. Freedman, Dan Jun 22, 2020 334
THE YEAR EVERYTHING CHANGED: Thirty thinkers tell us which years altered the course of Jewish history. Adler, Rachel; Antler, Joyce; Bell, David A.; Barnea, Nahum; Berman, Nathaniel; Cline, Eric H.; Epst Jun 22, 2020 12860
A MIRROR OF JEWISH AMERICAN HISTORY: Moment's archives reflect what has troubled, concerned, excited and inspired American Jews from 1975 to the present. Breger, Sarah Jun 22, 2020 3668
Crescenzo Del Monte, jodio romano: A Jewish-Roman Poet and Linguist in Fascist Italy. Leisawitz, Daniel Jun 22, 2020 13378
Risk of dying from Covid-19 is higher for Muslims, Jews, Hindus and Sikhs; "For the most part the elevated risk of certain religious groups is explained by geographical, socio-economic and demographic factors and increased risks associated with ethnicity". By, Neil Shaw Jun 19, 2020 285
Court Rules Illegitimate Children of Jews Evicted by Nazis are German Citizens. Jun 18, 2020 314
Israel Expecting 90,000 New Immigrants in Next 18 Months. Jun 18, 2020 475
Christians Prepare to Harbor Jews in Anticipation of Potential 'American Holocaust'. Jun 18, 2020 698
My Mom is White and my Dad is Black. Don't Call Me a 'Jew of Color.'. Jun 18, 2020 843
Diaspora Affairs Minister: We are Here for all Jews. Jun 16, 2020 397
Is a Chinese Cult Looking to Gain a Foothold with Haredi Jews? Jun 16, 2020 338
Is the Future of US Jewry Threatened? Jun 15, 2020 1328
Stoke Newington 'stabbing': Police swoop on scene amid reports of 'hate crime'; Police have swooped on Stoke Newington high street in London after reports of a Hassidic Jew being 'stabbed' in a hate crime, before local construction workers apprehended the alleged attacker. By, Matthew Dresch Jun 12, 2020 188
Senior British Jews condemn Israel's 'alarming' West Bank annexation plan. Benedict Spence Jun 6, 2020 799
Survey: Half of Diaspora Jews want Regular Contact with Israel. Jun 4, 2020 224
Anti-Semitism finds its Insidious Way into every Mass Protest. Jun 3, 2020 640
Did Ancient Hebrews Get High During Temple? A New Archaeological Discovery Suggests They Did. Jun 1, 2020 643
Al Jazeera Broadcasts Islamist Cleric's Appeal to 'Kill Jews'. Jun 1, 2020 377
A Theological Embrace of Transhuman and Posthuman Beings. Mercer, Calvin Jun 1, 2020 4549
Shavei Israel reconnects with Nigeria's Igbo Jews via Webinar. May 31, 2020 557
Anti-Semitism Examined as a Social Virus in New PBS Documentary. May 28, 2020 1128
Survey: 20% of British People Believe COVID is a Jewish Conspiracy. May 26, 2020 2204
Is tolerance for Judaism and Christianity at the heart of Islam? Irina Tsukerman May 23, 2020 2681
Pandemic Piques Interest in Aliyah among US Jews. May 18, 2020 432
Spain extends deadline for Sephardic Jews' citizenship. May 15, 2020 159
Spain extends deadline for Sephardic Jews' citizenship. May 15, 2020 159
Spain extends deadline for Sephardic Jews' citizenship. May 15, 2020 159
Spain extends deadline for Sephardic Jews' citizenship. May 15, 2020 159
Spain extends deadline for Sephardic Jews' citizenship. May 15, 2020 159
Spain extends deadline for Sephardic Jews' citizenship. May 15, 2020 159
Spain extends deadline for Sephardic Jews' citizenship. May 15, 2020 159
'Virus of Hate': Anti-Semitic Rhetoric Links Israel and Jews to Corona Outbreak. May 14, 2020 313
Central Council of Jews in Germany Launches 'Meet a Jew' Project. May 14, 2020 399
GOD-TV Denies Israeli Show Seeks to Convert Jews; Just 'Believe Jesus is Messiah'. May 12, 2020 451
Ukrainian Police Official Requests List of Jews in Western City of Kolomyya. May 11, 2020 226
Fauci to Orthodox Jews: Ease into Communal Prayer. May 8, 2020 354
Dutch king Acknowledges Jews Felt 'Abandoned' by his Great-Grandmother Wilhelmina. May 5, 2020 212
Research Shows Pope Pius XII Knew of WWII Killing of Jews. May 1, 2020 578
Ramadan drama 'Um Haroun' conjures up a religiously harmonious Middle East. Jonathan Gornall May 1, 2020 1392
Diaspora Jews Pay $650K for Private Jets to Bury Relatives in Israel. Apr 28, 2020 472
The Ratline Philippe SandsW&N, PS20; BOOKS. JAKE KERRIDGE , with CHARLOTTE HEATHCOTE Apr 24, 2020 233
'The Holocaust Could Happen Again'. Apr 23, 2020 1042
India using coronavirus against Muslims as typhus used against Jews: Arundhati. Apr 20, 2020 386
Global Jewish Population hits 14.7 Million - but Remains Far Below Pre-Holocaust Peak. Apr 20, 2020 406
India's treatment of Muslims akin to Jews by Nazis: PM. Apr 19, 2020 187
Cyprus' chief rabbi defends kosher slaughter processes. Peter Michael Apr 17, 2020 545
COVID-19 and the Jews: Today's Black Plague. Apr 15, 2020 347
Anti-Semitic Website Offers Simulation with Jews as Cryptocurrency. Apr 15, 2020 395
Tory hates Jews as well as Muslims; Cullen in vile 'bestiality brothels' slur 85p newspaper of The year I will help you sleep in DUN &DUSTEDdundee set to break deadlock survival plan. ANNIE BROWN Apr 15, 2020 339
Yesterday, Jews were demonised for spreading disease. Today, it's Muslims. Apr 15, 2020 1150
A lethal brew: Israel's racism and the COVID-19 pandemic. James J. Zogby, Special to Gulf News Apr 12, 2020 1290
Animal Party says kosher meat slaughter a concession to religion, not exporting. Evie Andreou Apr 11, 2020 538
Coronavirus: hard-hit animal breeders turn to kosher market. Evie Andreou Apr 9, 2020 435
PM: BJP speaks about Kashmiris same as Nazis did to Jews. Apr 4, 2020 152
BJP speaks about Kashmiris same as Nazis did to Jews: PM. Apr 4, 2020 155
BJP speaks about Kashmiris same as Nazis did to Jews: PM. Apr 4, 2020 155
Joined in prayer: On Good Friday, remember every person of faith who calls Abraham 'father.'. Gallagher, Patrick Apr 1, 2020 1490
Muslims and Jews fear cremation under new laws. Mar 26, 2020 293
Haredi Jews in NY Accused of 'Spreading the Virus'. Mar 26, 2020 294
Lauder: National Guard must Protect Jews from Neo-Nazi Coronavirus Threat. Mar 25, 2020 441
Want to Inspire Young Jews? If so, the Jewish establishment needs to take on Trump's anti-Semitism. Arbit, Noah Mar 22, 2020 942
WHAT IS ANTI-SEMITISM? Mar 22, 2020 2320
How "Social Justice" Movement Defines Jews as Villains. Salzman, Philip Carl Mar 22, 2020 2381
Swedish Anti-Semitism: Twisted Roots, Modern Branches. Korn, Rabbi DANIEL Mar 22, 2020 1942
Key Lessons from Recent Anti-Semitic Incidents. Cooper, Rabbi Abraham Mar 22, 2020 1719
Za a Mentsch (Be What a Human Being Ought to Be). Bryen, Shoshana Mar 22, 2020 1775
EDITOR'S INTRODUCTION. Mar 22, 2020 1315
GUEST EDITORS' INTRODUCTION: TRUMP AND THE "JEWISH QUESTION". Levi, Neil; Rothberg, Michael Mar 22, 2020 5800
THE ISRAEL QUESTION AFTER TRUMP--AND BEFORE. Rossinow, Doug Mar 22, 2020 10672
THE JEWS ARE "THE NEW JEWS". Franco, Dean Mar 22, 2020 10077
Portugal Declares Official Commemoration Day for Inquisition of Jews. Mar 16, 2020 427
Palestinian Cleric: Hating Jews is an Islamic Obligation. Mar 4, 2020 274
How Every Jew can Help Rewrite Jewish history. Mar 2, 2020 948
Death Fugue: Violin. Lippman, Matthew Poem Mar 1, 2020 322
"'A Generation of Wonderful Jews Will Grow from the Land': The Desire for Nativeness in Hebrew Israeli Poetry". Tsamir, Hamutal Mar 1, 2020 8504
Arab Music and Mizrahi Poetry. Oppenheimer, Yochai Mar 1, 2020 8393
The Orthodox Jew and the Atheist. Klempner, Rebecca Feb 28, 2020 163
Jerusalem's Best-Kept Secret Comes in Form of Silent Prayer. Feb 26, 2020 1289
Israeli Jews who want peace should vote for Arab parties. Ray Hanania Feb 26, 2020 937
Sanders calls Israeli premier Netanyahu a 'reactionary racist'. Feb 26, 2020 436
Murder or Mitzvah? Amazon's 'Hunters' Grapples with the Morality of Jews Killing Nazis. Feb 24, 2020 1259
THE REAL NAZI HUNTERS; 'I'm the only Jew who prays every day for the good health of Nazis it's a race against time to bring them to justice'; THE SATURDAY BIG READ. EXCLUSIVE BY EMILY RETTER Senior Feature Writer Feb 22, 2020 1714
THE REAL NAZI HUNTERS; I'm the only Jew who prays every day for the good health of Nazis it's a race against time to bring them to justicehad was Red had they h the saturday big read. EXCLUSIVE BY emily retter Senior Feature Writer Feb 22, 2020 1732
Liberal Churches Condemn Israel as Radical Islam Assaults Christianity. Feb 21, 2020 1070
Report: Jewish-American Pedophiles Flee Justice by Coming to Israel. Feb 20, 2020 765
When President Lincoln Fought for the Jews. Feb 19, 2020 1115
Hamas's hackers. Rafia Zakaria Feb 19, 2020 1004
Oxford English Dictionary adds Dozens of (Sometimes Offensive) Jewish-Themed Words and Phrases. Feb 17, 2020 1154
Why Eisenhower Deleted the Jews. Feb 12, 2020 702
Two Jews, a Woman, and an Asian Guy Walk Into a Diner in New Hampshire. Cooper, Sean Feb 11, 2020 350
ADL: Extremists using Coronavirus Outbreak to Stoke Hatred against Jews. Feb 10, 2020 212
World's first Mountain Jews Museum opens in Azerbaijan [PHOTO]. Feb 6, 2020 310
Poll Confirms Overwhelming Majority of American Jews are Pro-Israel. Feb 5, 2020 459
Anti-Semitic Stereotypes Persist in America, ADL Survey Shows. Feb 5, 2020 685
Philippines earns place in Holocaust Museum for saving more Jews than Schindler. Feb 5, 2020 525
HBO: 'The Plot Against America' Trailer, Jews are Under Attack. Feb 3, 2020 305
Purim, Hamantashen, and the Stories We Invent. Schor, Jacob Feb 1, 2020 2332
BooKS YOUR FULL 7-DAY TV GUIDE INSIDE take a model approach to plant-based eating How tom Watson shed eight stone and politics Staff exodus at 'toxic' jail City centre paramedic is still saving lives... despite the violence and abuse Page 8 Holocaust Memorial Day:The remarkable stories of the Greater Manchester Jews who survived the horror Pages 20, 21 & 2"I wish I had known more and been able to do more." .. STEVE ROBSON @SteveRobson04 Jan 30, 2020 466
Research: Stigmas Regarding Religious Jews Don't Apply to Chabad. Jan 29, 2020 425
Borough man avoids jail for 'vile and hateful' online abuse of Jews, Muslims, black and gay people. Jan 28, 2020 585
ISIS Vows to 'Fight the Jews,' Calls on Operatives to Target Jews with Chemical Weapons. Jan 28, 2020 263
Report Reveals that American Jews are Indirectly Funding Anti-Semitism on US Campuses. Jan 27, 2020 295
'Blood Libel': Rashida Tlaib Tweets Lie that Israeli Jews Drowned Arab Boy. Jan 27, 2020 304
British Embassy Warsaw remembers British Heroes of the Holocaust. Jan 27, 2020 1914
Netherlands apologises for WWII persecution of Jews for first time. DW Jan 27, 2020 309
Sorrow and triumph, an Auschwitz survivor's journey back to a former hell. Reuters News Service Jan 27, 2020 783
Muslims, Jews make historic joint visit to Auschwitz. Arab News Jan 25, 2020 606
How the Nazis carried out their 'Final Solution'. Jan 25, 2020 499
The Jewish Holocaust and the Palestinian Nakba -- Opinion article. Jan 24, 2020 1165
After the war I felt that, though Hitler was bad to me, not all Germans were bad. We should remember all people are equal. If we all do that, then I'm not pessimistic; JUDITH ROSENBERG: SCOTLAND'S LAST HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR. EXCLUSIVE BY ANNIE BROWN Chief Writer Jan 24, 2020 1289
World leaders in Israel to recall horrors of Auschwitz. Jan 24, 2020 746
Survey: Most American Adults Don't Know 6 Million Jews were Killed in the Holocaust. Jan 23, 2020 420
Israeli President Thanks King Mohammed VI for Preserving Connection with Moroccan Jews. Jan 20, 2020 450
Jess: Rivals failed Jews. Nigel Nelson POLITICAL EDITOR Jan 19, 2020 280
A cemetery and a street last traces of presence of Jewish community in Visoko. Jan 19, 2020 467
Democrat backing for antisemitism is killing Jews. Jan 18, 2020 104
New Study Shows Greater Cincinnati's Jewish Community Is Stable. Jan 17, 2020 199
Want to deter attacks on Jews? Go grassroots! Jan 16, 2020 102
The British Jews Who Want to Go Back to Germany. Davidzon, Vladislav Jan 15, 2020 317
Hebrew Hammers: Jews in New York Learn to Protect Themselves from Anti-Semitic Attackers. Jan 14, 2020 444
'The Jews of Iran are in Grave Peril'. Jan 13, 2020 1132
SIGN OUR PLEDGE; British Jews call to Labour hopefuls. CHRIS MCLAUGHLIN Jan 12, 2020 217
The Polish Diplomats Who Went Out of their Way to Save Jews. Jan 7, 2020 3136
NBC News Blames Jews for Spike in anti-Semitism in New York. Jan 6, 2020 204
Black Attacks on Jews are Rooted in Democrats' Coddling of Anti-Semites. Jan 6, 2020 1259
When all Jews march together, we shall overcome. Jan 5, 2020 106
No, We Aren't Seeing The Return Of Nazi Germany. Jan 2, 2020 776
Law's Dominion: Jewish Community, Religion, and Family in Early Modern Metz. Brief article Jan 1, 2020 121
ITALIAN JEWS: ROME, THE RENAISSANCE AND BEYOND: A new national museum in a former prison in the medieval city of Ferrara illuminates more than two millennia of history. But it has yet to directly grapple with the Holocaust. Romano, Carlin Jan 1, 2020 3019
How the slaughter of 300,000 people with disabilities paved the way for the Holocaust of the Jews. Andrusko, Dave Jan 1, 2020 740
The Learning of the Jews and the Language of the Germans: Edward Isaacson in Utah and the Hebrew Book of Mormon. Casper, Michael Jan 1, 2020 12958
The Integration of Jewish Refugees from Shanghai into Post-World War II San Francisco. Halpern, Sara Jan 1, 2020 12328
Israeli Practices of Governance in Palestine. Zureik, Elia Report Jan 1, 2020 5688
On the Precipice of a Volcano -- History Repeating Itself for US Jews. Dec 31, 2019 580
Will American Jews Finally Get the Hint About Dangers They Face? Dec 30, 2019 622
Israel charged with war crimes for helping Jews live in Judea. Dec 29, 2019 108
How can attacks against Jews in Israel be viewed as "normal'?. Dec 27, 2019 107
The Guardian: Last Jews of Bukhara fear their community will fade away. Dec 24, 2019 349
The Guardian: Last Jews of Bukhara fear their community will fade away. Dec 24, 2019 408
Trump Lawyer Giuliani: I'm 'More Of A Jew' Than George Soros. Llowell Williams Dec 24, 2019 463
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Zionism, Aliyah, and the Jews of Glasgow: Belonging and Believing in Postwar Britain. Schaffer, Gavin ess Dec 22, 2019 9490

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