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Jewish Statistics.


As of the beginning of the new year of 5765, the number of Jews in the world stands at almost 13 million people. Of these, almost 40% - 5,094,000 - are in Israel, while almost 44% are in North America.

Some 413,000 still remain in the former Soviet Union, and there are 1,161,000 in Europe, 401,000 in South America, 19,000 in Asia, 84,000 in Africa, and 107,000 in Oceania.

The Jewish People Policy Institute recent report on Jewish demographics states that the Jewish people are approaching zero growth. It noted that over the past 24 years, "the world's total population grew by nearly 2.5 billion, an increase of over 70 percent. In contrast, the total Jewish population increased by only 250,000, or 2 percent."

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Publication:Israel Faxx
Date:Oct 5, 2004
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