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Jewish Is Their Middle Name.

Each Monday, we choose the most interestingly Jewish announcement from that Sunday's New York Times Weddings/Celebrations section. This week, it's that of Rebecca Starr and Adam Kazan. One of the quickest ways to select a group of eligible couples each week is to check, of course, their names. Rebecca Starr and Adam Kazan are likely enough to merit closer inspection, but are not dispositive. You really need the full names to get a better sense of it. "Rebecca Yoheved Starr," it reads, " was married there Saturday evening to Adam Shalom Kazan." Ah, well then, okay. Further inspection reveals that the bride's mother is on the board of Woostah's Jewish Healthcare Center and that the groom's father is the rabbi at Kesher Israel, the historic Philadelphia synagogue. Mazel tov to the happy couple!

Rebecca Starr and Adam Kazan [NYT]

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Author:Tracy, Marc
Publication:Tablet Magazine
Date:Dec 19, 2011
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