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Jewish Fanfiction Creates an Alternate Literary Universe.

Last weekend, Fifty Shades of Grey opened in wide release (write your own joke here), and critics have had fun snarking about how god-awful the movie and books are. Many have also criticized the fact that Fifty Shades began as Twilight fanfictionan alternate-universe (AU) version of those novels-and-movies' characters Bella and Edward, in which clumsy high-schooler Bella has become awkward college-student Ana and sparkly bloodsucking Edward has become flogger-waving billionaire dickhead Christian.

Fifty Shades, the book, is terrible. The writing is abysmal"My subconscious is frantically fanning herself, and my inner goddess is swaying and writhing to some primal carnal rhythm" (wait, who is doing what now?)and the story presents an abusive, stalker-ish relationship as desirable. But it's unfortunate that sneering at Fifty Shades has expanded, like a black hole of snark and bitchery, into dismissal of all fanfiction as ben-wa-ball-yanking blather.

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Author:Ingall, Marjorie
Publication:Tablet Magazine
Date:Feb 19, 2015
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