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Jesus Christ for the Modern World: The Christology of the Catholic Tubingen School.

McCready is concerned about the issue of identity and relevance in Christology. His implicit question is: How can we develop an understanding of Jesus Christ that remains faithful to Scripture and tradition, especially the doctrine of Chalcedon, while also speaking to the hopes and concerns of contemporary Christians? Believing that we can begin to answer this question by studying the work of the Tubingen theologians, M. reviews the Christologies of Schelling, Drey, Mohler, Staudenmaier, Kuhn, Schanz, Adam, Geiselmann, Kasper, and Kung (M. treats Kung at the end, since he sees Kung standing somewhat independent from the school). He presents each theologian in 15 to 20 pages, excepting Adam and Kasper who receive 60 pages apiece.

A merit of this book is its sweep both of time and ideas. It covers a span of almost 200 years and discusses such rich material as Schelling's post-Idealist Christology, Mother's view of the Church as the Body of Christ, and Kasper's pneumatological Christology. This breadth allows the reader to glimpse some of the continuities and discontinuities in these scholars' reflections on Jesus Christ. In this regard, M. notes recent German discussions of what it means to say that the Catholic theologians of Tubingen constitute a school. He also calls attention to Tubingen's recurring themes of freedom (divine and human), historical change, and the abiding truth of doctrine. The book's breadth has limitations, however. Some ideas could be explained in greater depth, e.g. the school's notion of the "living tradition." A fuller summary could be given of the school's continuities and discontinuities.

This book is a resource to aid English-speakers' understanding of the Catholic Tubingen School. Its primary audience is scholars. In the spirit of the ecumenism between the faculties of Catholic and Protestant theology at Tubingen, this book may be intended to serve as a bridge between Catholic and Protestant Evangelical faculties in North America.
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Author:Krieg, Robert A.
Publication:Theological Studies
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Date:Jun 1, 1993
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