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Jessie Rattley gets NBC-LEOs highest award.

In recognition of a distinguished career in public service spanning more than 21 years, NLC past President Jessie Rattley received highest honors from the National Black Caucus of Local Elect Officials (NBC-LEO) at NBC-LEO's banquet held during the Congress of Cities in Las Vegas.

In an emotional presentation, Steve Roberts and Atlanta, Ga. Councilmember Carolyn Long Banks reminisced about how they had each adopted Rattley as a mentor and personal friend. Both talked about how they had learned the ropes of the NLC process and how they had been able to ascend to leadership positions within the organization following the advice of Rattley.

In presenting the "Liberty Award" to Rattley, NBC-LEO President Danny Tabor, councilmember, Inglewood, Calif., traced Rattley's political contributions to the civil rights movement and noted how many political leaders across the country as well as presidents would seek her advice and counsel. "In her own quiet, yet strong way, Jessie has taught me a lot about being a public servant and I will always remain grateful to her for what she has taught me," said Tabor. The audience stood and applauded as Rattley stepped up to receive the award.

Words are not adequate to express how deeply honored I am and how I feel," Rattley said as she accepted the Liberty Award. Earlier in the day, Rattley had been presented with a lifetime membership in NBC-LEO, unaware that she would also receive the liberty award later.

Rattley told the group that it was important for members of NBC-LEO to include the young in their activities. "Reach out and touch them, they don't know who we are. I cannot stress enough the need that our you see their "own" role models at all levels in the political arena. More of them should be here with us now. We have come a long way, but we've yet go a long way to go. We cannot leave behind our youth," she said.

Rattley now teaches government courses at Hampton Institute in Virginia and says she is enjoying the opportunity to help provide a relevant education to college students.
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Title Annotation:National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials
Author:McCloud, Thom
Publication:Nation's Cities Weekly
Date:Dec 23, 1991
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