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Jesco International.

Jesco International

Owner: Jim Farris and Charlie Trie Address: 7107 W. 12th St., Little Rock, 666-0111 Start-up date: July 1

Jim Farris developed an improved ratchet wrench.

Jesco International oversees the manufacturing, importation and distribution of the wrench.

Although Farris is credited with development of the wrench, he says he had help from other Arkansans. The wrench is patented in the United States with foreign patents pending.

Farris says his ratchet wrench contains a mechanism that makes it simpler to change rotation directions.

The wrench is manufactured by China's largest automobile maker. Farris says he would have preferred to use a U.S. manufacturer, but no major American tool companies would gamble on an untested product.

Farris says his start-up cost was about $500,000.

According to Farris, most sales have been for industrial uses. But, he says, anyone who uses a hand tool can utilize the wrench.
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Title Annotation:Two New Products Come To Arkansas
Author:Harper, Kim
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Jun 24, 1991
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