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Jerusalem accounting conference to stress harmonization.


The 5th Jerusalem Conference on Accountancy will be held in Jerusalem, Israel, November 11-14, 1990. Among the topics to be discussed are harmonization and standard setting in the accounting world, harmonization of auditing standards and rules of professional conduct and diversification, management and marketing in an accounting firm. Other subjects include trends and changes in the structure of the accounting profession, auditing in the public sector and the accountant's role in a small business environment.

The sponsoring Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel has scheduled some notable speakers. A number of them are representatives of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), which will hold its annual meeting in Jerusalem just before the conference. Incoming IFAC president Edlund Bertil will open the conference and many IFAC members are expected to attend it.

Scheduled speakers include Charles Kaiser, Jr., 1989-90 chairman of the American Institute of CPAs board of directors; Philip B. Chenok, AICPA president; A. Marvin Strait, past AICPA board chairman; Charles A. Bowsher, comptroller general of the United States; Edmund Coulson, chief accountant, Securities and Exchange Commission; Allen Talbolt, chairman, IFAC auditing standards committee; Gordon Forster, president, United Kingdom Chartered Association of Certified Accountants; and Kenneth Dye, auditor general of Canada and chairman, IFAC public sector committee.

At least 400 international guests and another 600 Israeli CPAs are expected to attend. The official language is English, with simultaneous translations in Spanish, French and Hebrew. A book of the papers to be presented will be published and distributed to conference participants.

Spouses' tours will be available during the conference and both pre- and post-conference tours have been arranged.
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Publication:Journal of Accountancy
Date:Apr 1, 1990
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