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Jerichos TV comeback lives up to expectations.

The first week of telecasts of Jericho Rosales new TV starrer, "Bridges of Love," has ended on a bracingly high mark, giving the acclaimed actors loyalists reason to hope that his latest comeback is going to be successful.

He plays a hard-up student and jack of all trades who strives to make it as an architect, so he can meet the "practical" requirements of the woman (Maja Salvador) he loves.

At weeks end, the new graduate is given a life-altering break by his teachers (Antoinette Taus) dads flourishing company, so it looks like he could make something of himself sooner than expected! Trouble is, Antoinettes character clearly has her romantic sights on him-so, careful!

For his part, Paulo Avelino portrays Jerichos long-lost younger brother, who has been adopted by a fabulously wealthy and powerful man.

Unfortunately, however, he has inherited not only his adoptive dads wealth, but also his coldly manipulative and acquisitive ways-and hes also interested in Maja! -More trouble up ahead!

To date, the brothers have met, but dont know that theyre long-lost siblings! So, the expectation is, when they do find out, therell be the devil to pay, because they will end up fighting over the same woman! -Welcome once again to the exceedingly small and even continually shrinking world of the Pinoy teleserye!

At the moment, Avelino is merely passing muster as the predictably cold, evil and wealthy and powerful sibling. For her part, Maja is given the "colorful" role of a sexy club dancer who has to have many sidelines to support her family and pay for her sickly fathers medical bills.

Despite this strong and textured back story, however, Majas performance is, like Paulos quite predictable, and has yet to flash and flare with genuine pain, rage and love.

Its a good thing that Jericho is all present and accounted for, to take the new drama to the next level with his focused and felt portrayal. Hes able to mix lighthearted scenes with moments of fierce pain and frustration-the hallmarks of his performances when he was at his prime (circa "Santa Santita").

Yes, its an older and more mature actor were seeing in charge of things now, but the rare thespic combination of directness and subtlety is the same.

Another interesting aspect of the new series is its introduction of well-limned supporting characters, led thus far by the roles essayed by Edu Manzano (as Paulos adoptive father), Taus (as Jerichos probable "romantic complication") and Toby Alejar (as her dad).

Their comeback portrayals, like Jerichos own return to acting, are all to the good, because those key roles have obviously been placed-in good hands!

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Publication:Philippines Daily Inquirer (Makati City, Philippines)
Date:Mar 28, 2015
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