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Jenzabar Augments Functionality of Its Non-Traditional Solution for Higher Education.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- Program Management Solution Pairs Ease-of-Use and Customizability

Jenzabar, Inc., the pioneer of Total Campus Management (TCM) for higher education, has released enhancements to the innovative Jenzabar Non-Traditional System (NTS). This solution enables colleges and universities to manage non-traditional educational programs including: continuing education, professional development programs, certificate programs, and degree completion programs. While traditional administrative and ERP systems generally lack the flexibility to handle the unique attributes of these programs, Jenzabar NTS was designed solely to market, administer and evaluate non-traditional offerings, from one-time, one-day courses to a defined multi-course curriculum, on campus or online.

Recent statistics show that nearly 20 percent of institutions of higher education offer continuing education programs, one of several indicators documenting the growth of non-traditional course offerings. The expansion of online, distance learning, certificate and degree-completion programs also are indicative of the proliferation of offerings designed to meet the needs of a changing student population. As institutions are increasingly providing education on atypical schedules, at an accelerated pace, or on a course-by-course basis, non-traditional course offerings have become a significant revenue generator for many schools, and have given them a key competitive advantage. Jenzabar NTS provides a tool to better integrate and manage non-traditional course offerings.

Jenzabar NTS is a software product designed to work with an institution's existing student information, ERP and payment processing systems. The key features of NTS include the flexibility to schedule courses of any duration, with any start and end dates, online registration and shopping cart functionality, a workflow-enabled course approval process, an integration toolkit that facilitates data exchange with an institution's central ERP system, and analysis tools for planning and managing budgets and marketing campaigns. An important feature of the NTS product is its flexibility and customizability. NTS users can easily change options in drop-down list boxes as well as change other elements of the user interface. Institutions can customize other aspects of the base product by employing in-house resources or the Jenzabar Professional Services team.

Jenzabar NTS enhancements include tighter integration with Jenzabar's Internet Campus Solution (JICS) through "portlets" that enable students to search and register online for courses that are stored in the NTS course catalog. Institutions that have adopted the JICS Web portal can offer web-based registration within the familiar and consistent user interface of their portal environment. Jenzabar NTS continues to support its original web-based shopping cart (also known as "QuickAdmit") for institutions that have not yet implemented the JICS portal. Other features have been added to address the needs of many non-traditional programs, such as discount pricing plans and fee overrides. Jenzabar NTS also includes a streamlined user interface and extensive customization capabilities, making it easier than ever to learn, use and customize the look and feel of the product.

"The Jenzabar Non-Traditional System reinforces our vision for developing and delivering superior products that meet the evolving needs of higher education, as well as supporting our mission to serve institutions of higher education with the broad array of products and services that comprise our Total Campus Management framework," said Robert A. Maginn, Chairman and CEO of Jenzabar, Inc. "We have received an excellent response to the introduction of NTS with several implementations planned for early 2006. Our product development vision brings our clients into the process of creating new products and new functionality, which has driven the adoption of Jenzabar NTS as well as the many other new products and product enhancements that have established our position as the leading software innovator for higher education."

Administrators can create a course offering using Jenzabar NTS, post it to a Web site for quick admission registration, and then begin to receive registrations and tuition payments immediately. With the system's resource management capabilities, administrators can track all costs associated with an individual section and determine its profitability before the session begins. The Degree Completion feature pack provides specialized administrative resources to support fixed-curriculum programs. Jenzabar NTS also includes features to help manage the instructors for non-traditional programs, such as defining who is qualified to teach particular courses and selecting instructors for specific courses from a list of possibilities.

The system also incorporates an integration tool kit, support for application platforms and servers such as IBM Websphere(R)and jBoss, along with built-in reports.

Jenzabar's Total Campus Management(SM) (TCM) solutions meet the unique business needs of higher education with a comprehensive approach to software and services, from front-end campus portals to fully integrated, functionally-rich enterprise systems. Each custom-tailored TCM solution is built from Jenzabar's integrated ERP, campus intelligence, Internet portal, and constituent relationship modules. Total Campus Management offers colleges and universities Jenzabar's i3 advantage--integrated, intelligent, and Internet-based solutions--to help manage the demands of the 21st-century campus.

About Jenzabar, Inc.

Jenzabar, Inc. is a leading provider of enterprise software and services developed exclusively for higher education. With more than 30 years' of combined experience offering technology solutions to colleges and universities, Jenzabar is the trusted partner of choice to 700 campuses worldwide, including private liberal arts, state, and community colleges and business, medical, law and other graduate schools. Jenzabar is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with regional offices located across the United States. For further information, please visit

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