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Jennifer Lawrence pleases at 'Joy' preem.


Elisabeth Rohm

x Black lace can be tricky business--especially this much of it.

x The ruffled, monastic neckline, coupled with the gloved sleeves, take this into '90s goth territory.

x Even more confusing is how glowy and beachy the hair and makeup are. They make no sense with the vampy Morticia Addams gown.


Bradley Cooper

* A less stylized and textured haircut would be cooler, but the trimmed beard is perfection.

* Mr. Cooper's commitment to a three-piece suit is remarkable.

* A younger style might better enhance his sex appeal, but it fits him very well. He's becoming a lord of the manor.


Jennifer Lawrence

* This isn't spectacularly innovative, but that's sort of the point.

* The white Dior gown is simple, clean and sexy in a totally subdued, effortless way. It flatters her figure and makes her look the part of lead actress.

* Plus, the cream works perfectly with her glowing skin and baby blond locks.


Edgar Ramirez

* His updated interpretation of the classic three-piece suit feels very modern.

* The tonal navy tie plays perfectly with the width of the lapel and complements the double-breasted vest.

* The sliver of white pocket square shows that he cares, and we love that. We also love the pompadour hairstyle.


Virginia Madsen

x The dress could have been pilfered from the "Dynasty" archives (i.e. a sequined, jewel-toned fabric cut in a shoulder centric silhouette).

* That said, she looks great from the neck up--the easy curls are youthful, and her makeup is very natural.

x We just wish she'd shown as much restraint sartorially.


Robert De Niro

x We wish he looked more like a rugged silver fox; the disheveled look isn't working here.

x The ill-fitting suit with droopy shoulders does nothing to empower him, and he makes matters worse by pairing it with the horizontal striped polo.

x He should save the shoes for long distance walks.

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