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Jennie's 32-pint bender; THE LONG HOT SUMMER OF BRUV.


JENNIE drank 32 pints of lager in an underage bender at a local jazz festival, her best friend claims.

Jenna Patel, 19, a customer services adviser for Lloyds Bank, said of their 36-hour session: "We went on the most outrageous bender ever at last year's Nantwich Jazz Festival.

"We drank 17 pints on the first day and about 15 on the next. We could hardly stand up after the two days."

The pair regularly used false driving licences to get into pubs and clubs around their native Crewe. Jenna said: "Jennie has always liked a drink, even when we were at school. Sometimes we'd get chucked out for looking too young. We've had some wild nights."

Only weeks before Jennie entered the house, the pair caused chaos on a high street by going into every takeaway and ordering food - but leaving without paying or collecting their orders.

Jenna said: "That is typical of the stuff we get up to. We are famous around Crewe for being real party animals."

Meanwhile, a former classmate of Mikey claims he was a bully who picked on smaller pupils to win popularity.

Dave Critchley, 23, said of his time at St Margaret's CoE in Liverpool: "I used to dread sitting next to him. He picked on people he knew wouldn't retaliate."

Dave also claimed 6ft 3in Mikey often intimidated "classroom geeks" into doing his homework. He said: "He was a tall lad and able to dominate other pupils.

"I gave him my maths book to copy out of a few times, but some lads used to actually write his homework for him."

Another classmate, who did not want to be named, said he was bullied by Mikey over his red hair and his weight, adding: "He may seem a nice guy on BB, but he was nothing like that in school."

Yesterday, paranoid housemates were sweating over fears of a secret eviction.

Richard warned they were "going to get sh*t for trashing the place" after BB went on holiday and left an automated system in the diary room.

The remaining eight housemates have run amok - and Pete, Glyn and Aisleyne panicked when they hit a button that told them: "You have been evicted."


ALL THAT JAZZ: Jen drank for 36 hours
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
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Date:Aug 1, 2006
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