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Jela Thinks Of OnlyYou.

Jela Company, Inc. recently delivered OnlyYou 1.1, a program that allows users on Windows 9x and NT platforms to guard and apply their IDs and passwords. The program clarifies access to personal data and uses while heightening confidentiality. The fresh product conveys the password to the appealing utilization only after corroborating the user's individuality. OnlyYou 1.1 also hoards PIN numbers, registration codes, and lock combinations. The program costs $23.50 for an individual user permission. If it inquires about a password, the user just compresses the new product's hotkey and ascertains the identity of the user. Then, the product draws out the password from 128 bit encrypted storage and dispatches it. By getting rid of the necessity to recall passwords, users no longer have to find a middle ground for security by utilizing passwords or by writing them down next to the keyboard. It provides the means for the user to apply passwords and disremember them. In an enterprise environment, the chore of modifying passwords becomes trifling; it brings it up to date for the user.
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Publication:Computer Technology Review
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Date:Mar 1, 2000
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