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Jeffrey Tambor Recalls His Cantor's Cottage Cheese Spittle and Being High at His Bar Mitzvah.

I'll keep this short, since the below interview with Jeffrey Tambor is a six-minute piece of gold that will surely brighten your day. Tambor, 72, is an American gem. He's the star and glue of Transparent (can't wait for you to come back for Season 4, Pfeffermans), and he will soon return to play George Bluth, Sr. in Arrested Development, which was just renewed for a fifth season.

Apparently, Tambor doesn't stop working. The father of four just released a new memoir, called Are You Anybody?, and went on Late Night With Seth Meyers last night to talk about it. Among other things, we get to meet his kids who mispronounce words, and hear Tambor talk about the time his mom slipped him a Miltown before his bar mitzvah to combat his anxiety. Enjoy:

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Author:Zalman, Jonathan
Publication:Tablet Magazine
Date:May 19, 2017
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