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Jefferson Circle: maintaining the church-state wall for years to come".

For more than sixty years, Americans United for Separation of Church and State has been fighting to safeguard the precious First Amendment rights of all Americans. You can help Americans United ensure the future of this critical legacy by joining The Jefferson Circle, the society of hundreds of AU members across the nation Who have established planned gifts with AU.

AU's Development staff can provide no-cost information and guidance on any aspect of planned giving by email, telephone or through a personal visit We also encourage you to contact your own advisors and others who you trust ahoy your wishes and your plans.

The Most Common Planned Gifts


A charitable gift annuity is a relatively simple and very common method of making a planned gift to a nonprofit organization. A gift annuity provides the financial advantage of income and tax benefits for donors as well as the satisfaction of making a needed gift to Americans United. They are especially popular in tough economic times because of the fixed return they provide regardless of market conditions.

A gift annuity is a simple contract that we prepare by which a donor contributes assets of $10,000 or more, usually cash or stock, in exchange for a specific dollar amount of income for life in the form of a regular annuity payment. The payment to the donor is set at a fixed percentage based on the donor's age, and it will never decrease. Payments can be received immediately, or they can be deferred. An annuity can be for an individual donor, a donor and spouse, or a loved one.

In the year the annuity is arranged, the donor will be eligible for an income tax deduction. In addition, a portion of the payments the donor will receive from Americans United will be income-tax free.


A bequest is a gift made through a will. Everyone needs a will, whether married or single, with children or without. Anyone with assets should have a will in order to leave a legacy of support for the causes you are passionate about and to ensure that gifts to loved ones are made according to your specific intent. Keep in mind that if you die intestate (without a will) the state in which you reside will decide what happens to your estate, not you!

The three most common options for giving through a bequest in a will are:

Leaving a specific amount of money,

Leaving a specific asset like a home or other real estate, fine art or life insurance policies, and

Leaving a residual percentage of your estate, after making other gifts to friends and family.

A will can also reduce estate taxes for your heirs.

A will should always be executed in writing, signed and dated by you and by your witnesses.

There are other practical reasons for remembering your favored non-profits in your will right now. A bequest is a deferred gift that does not deplete your current assets. In addition, it can always be revoked. This is not the case with some other philanthropic arrangements.

Consult an attorney licensed in your state for further information.

Other Popular Gifts


Stocks and bonds are easy to donate and can offer immediate tax advantages. The most common benefit is the deduction you will receive beginning in the year of the donation. If you wish to transfer stock to AU, please contact our office first so that we can make sure that the transfer goes smoothly.

For purposes of stock transfer, our broker is:

Charles Schwab and Co., Inc.

101 Montgomery Street

San Francisco, CA 94104

Other Americans United information for a stock transfer:

DTC Clearing #0164, Code 40

Account # 20367649

Federal Tax ID number 53-0 184647

Before you transfer stock, please contact:

Rebecca Davis-Nord

Assistant Director of Development

(800) 875-3707

(202) 466-3234 x228


If you are in possession of an existing or recently acquired life insurance policy that is no longer necessary to you or your family, you may contribute the ownership and proceeds (or a portion of the proceeds) to Americans United. Depending on the circumstances, you may receive an immediate income tax deduction. You may also make an additional gift by paying the future policy premiums.


IRAs and other retirement plans can be among the most highly taxed assets you own. Leaving them to your heirs can trigger estate and income taxes. Leaving them to AU will allow us to enjoy the full amount of the plan assets. Your plan administrator can provide the necessary form to designate AU as your plan beneficiary.

In recent years, the law was changed to permit people 70 1/2 or older with IRAs to make tax beneficial contributions to non-profits. Consult us or your advisors for the current status of the law.

Finding an Estate Planning Attorney

A qualified estate planning attorney is your best bet for expert advice on your estate plan. He or she can help you fulfill your legacy while protecting your assets, providing for those you love and minimizing tax consequences. The best source for finding the right help for you is through friends, relatives, local bar associations or related organizations.

Be sure that the attorney you select has significant experience with charitably-minded clientele and understand the ins and outs of charitable giving.

Key Information for your Advisors

Americans United for Separation of Church and State is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation organized under the laws of the District of Columbia.

Our federal tax identification number is #53-0184647

AU's national office is located at 1301 K St. NW Suite 850E, Washington, DC, 20005.

Our telephone numbers are (202) 466-3234 and (800) 875-3707.

Development Director Marjorie Nagrotsky can be reached for planning assistance at (800) 875-3707 x 203, M-F during regular business hours.
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