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Jeff Zucker, the American Streicher?

I hadn't thought of making connections between the situation of Jewish males in Nazi Germany and American black men until I heard a lecture in the late 1980s from the San Francisco Holocaust Museum, where it was explained that Jewish males were depicted in the Nazi media in a manner similar to how black men in the United States are shown. This lecture was a major influence on the writing of my novel, Reckless Eyeballing.

I examined some of this material and found that both male groups were shown as sexual predators and threats to white women. (Though none of the cartoons or film that I examined showed Jewish men committing incest, which is the big money making trend in the United States where in books and film black men are shown committing this taboo. Not even the Nazis would go there!) The Jewish male as a rapist of "Aryan" women was used by publications like Julius Streicher's Der Sturmer and Joseph Goebbels's Der Angriff to rile up hatred among the German masses against the Jews and one film "Jud Suss" about the rape of an Aryan woman by a Jew was shown to German troops before they went into battle.

When on "The Today Show," I compared the film, The Color Purple with the kind of film that the Nazis used to make about the Jews, I got a stony glare from "The Today Show" interviewer, Tennessee born John Palmer. (Alice Walker was also offended by the film (1). He suggested that the film was valid because it gave black actors jobs. I further angered him when I answered that some Jews provided entertainment for the Nazi Olympics (2) to show that those who are victims cooperate with their oppression, often. Some black actors might strike left wing postures off screen, but obviously they haven't done much to reform Jim Crow Hollywood, which is still ruled by over fifty-year-old white men. To challenge this situation is to be regarded as "difficult" and black listed like Lou Gossett. (3)

I was supposed to appear on the show to promote my book, Reckless Eyeballing at the request of Bryant Gumbel who at the time was a host, but he was away when I appeared. A black woman called from "The Today Show" on the weekend before my appearance and asked me to comment on the film The Color Purple. I said O.K., but when I arrived at the studio, they'd sprung Clarence Page as a surprise-debating partner. This was a setup because the whole segment in which we appeared was about this miserable film product from Steven Spielberg. My novel wasn't even mentioned and when I complained to a black member of the staff, a woman said that they hadn't guaranteed that they'd mention my novel, which was the reason for my appearance in the first place.

Now it has been revealed that Hollywood executives not only collaborated with the Nazis, which explains why Walter White of the NAACP got the runaround from producers, when he sought to expand the role possibilities for blacks in Hollywood, but MGM even helped the Germans buy armaments. It also explains the pro-Confederate movies that these producers were offering at the time, and are still offered on television in such shows as Ken Burn's "The Civil Wars," which was criticized by historian Leon Litwack for attaching itself to the confederate argument that the Civil War was the war of Northern invasion. The Nazi state was one built on the idea of one race being superior to another, which justified using inferior beings as slaves. Like the Nazi state, the Confederacy, its model, was a slave state run by a dictator, which like some other American ideas like the sterilization (4) of undesirable populations, which is still practiced, was borrowed by the Nazis. Some of the most hateful cartoons of Jewish men appeared in the magazine Der Sturmer edited by Julius Streicher who was the Nazi editor of the notorious anti-Semitic newspaper.

Jeff Zucker is the head of CNN (formerly he was head honcho at NBC); what could Zucker and Streicher possibly have in common besides being Jewish men? With their portrayal of unpopular minorities, they put them in jeopardy. Take for example, the black boogeyman scare launched by CNN'S John King, who described the Boston Marathon bomber as a dark-skinned shifty eyed hoodie wearing man. (5) CNN even announced that the phantom boogeyman had been arrested and was being hauled to court for an appearance. This prompted the spontaneous gathering of a mob in front of the courthouse, a scene that has appeared scores of times in American history, the only difference being that nowadays it's not likely that a mob would break into a jail and lynch the suspect, while law enforcement, if not participating in the lynching, stands idly by. Ain't that progress? Ain't we post-race?

I heard the all-clear signal that the perpetrators were white while driving from my teaching job at California College of the Arts. Randi Rhodes, a radio host, who comes as close to any white talk show host to expressing empathy for the points of view of some blacks, which is why you won't see her on MSNBC or CNN, announced that black people could relax because the perpetrators were white. Those in the car with me were my teaching assistant, Tennessee Reed, and a student whom we were driving back to Oakland, Vernon Keve, III (winner of a Zora Neale Hurston award for poetry). We were relieved. We like millions of blacks were stressed out and on pins and needles since the bombing hoping that the perpetrators weren't black yet, one magazines (6), darkened their faces, which made them look black.

A black caller said that if a black man had bombed the Boston Marathon, we'd all be rounded up. Was he "paranoid"? Was he "angry"? No. Because he probably knows American history where blacks have been expelled from whole towns for the alleged or made up actions of one or two blacks. Probably knows how homes have been burned, innocent people lynched and massacred because of a rumor. Not just blacks? Abraham Lincoln, the Indian fighter, was convinced to order the execution of 38 Sioux after it was reported that they raped a white woman.

This was the Lincoln who signed on to Native American genocide, the Lincoln who was left out of the film Lincoln, a high school pageant. (I also told Tony Kushner, the script writer, whom I ran into at a reception for authors of introductions to plays by August Wilson that he should read ABA winner, Lerone Bennett's Forced Into Glory which show Lincoln the racist. I guess that he didn't.)

Now, CNN head, Jeff Zucker, who is Jewish, must know what happens to a minority when they are put on the spot after "the majority" are sent into conniptions over the actions of a member of a minority. He is aware of the consequences for a minority when one or two minority members offend "the majority" by perpetrating a heinous crime.

"On November 7 1938, Herschel Grynszpan, a Jew, walked into the German embassy in Paris and shot Ernst vom Rath, a German diplomat (right), five times. Vom Rath died two days later. Nazi propagandists condemned the shooting as a terrorist attack to further the cause of the Jewish 'world revolution', and the pogrom was launched.

"The attacks--called Kristallnacht (crystal night), an ironic reference to the broken glass left on the streets--led to the murder of 91 Jews, the arrests of 26,000 others and the destruction of 177 synagogues." (7) CNN correspondent Donna Brazile asked Jeff Zucker to apologize for his black boogeyman hoax in connection with the Boston Marathon. He refused. Unlike Julius Streicher who was motivated by hatred, Zucker is motivated by sales, no matter how many African American lives he places in jeopardy by using his power to raise hate crimes against them. No matter how much he puts the lives of blacks in peril with programing that leads to racial profiling. All because he wants to save CNN even firing Soledad O'Brien, who attributed the plight of poor black Americans to their lack of personal responsibility, and making excuses, and not attending their daughters' birthday parties. As fate would have it, she has been saved from unemployment by a black man, Bryant Gumbel, member of the very group that "white executives" at CNN paid her to degrade.

Zucker fired Roland Martin, one of a handful of black correspondents with some bite, who, instead of following orders like the majority of blacks who appear on the tube, scared of losing their jobs as the ranks of black reporters and correspondents are depleted, spoke with an independent voice. Typical of the other type is Don Lemon who was concerned about whether the pathetic low life thug George Zimmerman was getting enough love. Wondering whether he was "frustrated" or "stressed." During the trial, Jeff Zucker and those whom Roland Martin called "White Executives" at CNN made CNN part of the Zimmerman defense team. Since Gloria Steinem said that the plight of white middle class women was worse than that of minority men, he sicced Ashleigh Banfield on Trayvon Martin, who couldn't be accused of racism because racism has been obliterated because we have a black president. She said that Zimmerman's big fucking lies amounted to "itsy bitsy inconsistencies."

During the Zimmerman trial, CNN became Zimmerman's cable 'ho'. Is this the first time Zucker sicced a Stockholm Syndrome victim like Banfield on a black man? When at NBC, he wanted Katie Couric to interview O.J. Simpson overruling Bryant Gumbel, who, it was reported, quit NBC over the insult. Ann Curry, who, like Martin and Sanchez, told behind the scenes secrets of cable, said that the NBC work environment is rife with sexual harassment, which must have been ok with ss victim Katie Couric. Curry even called the treatment of women at NBC, where Zucker was in command, "cruel."

(8) Like most corporate feminists, Couric was selective upon whom she placed the blame for sexual harassment like Lemon is selective about whom to blame for homophobia. He's the guy who charged the black community collectively with homophobia. Don Lemon is a perfect fit for Zucker's Zimmerman Network, where blacks are seen lopsidedly as perps as CNN runs security camera footage that record the dumb and sorry crimes of the desperate, but fail to mention those committed by their corporate partners like General Electric, whose flaking business is causing earthquakes and fouling the water supply. G.E. is jeopardizing the safety of millions with the nuclear plants. They built the reactors that overheated at the Fukushima nuclear plant (9) that caused a Tsunami and earthquake that cost 18,000 lives. Where did Zucker stand? He was working for NBC at the time. He views, for profits, some poor sorry dope knocking over a mom and pop store as worse than crimes committed by the corporations, some of which own the networks and pay their salaries? Before G.E. sold NBC to Comcast, they paid the salary of Melissa Harris Perry, whose assignment from Martin's "White Executives" is to be very critical of the brother's personal behavior. Name one black man who caused an earthquake or Tsunami, which resulted in the deaths of 18,000 people? She says that there are a lot of things she likes about the Tea Party, among whose leaders are those who've called for the president's assassination.

The "White Executives," in Roland Martin's phrase, who own the mainstream media prefer TV pundits like Charles Blow and Bob Herbert who issue sanctimonious tough love lectures to blacks exclusively. It was Charles Blow, who said on the Piers Morgan Show, July 10, 2013, and speaking of Trayvon Martin, that "We don't know how much race had to do with the actual incident itself." He was giving George Zimmerman, a loser and a pretend cop the benefit of the doubt. The Zimmerman who referred to an African American kid, walking home, minding his own business, as "a fucking asshole." The Tea Party black radio host, David Webb, who sat next to Blow on the show said, everything would have been alright if "special interests" (Sharpton) hadn't made a big deal of the killing' and that they should have left it up to the local police to handle the matter. Zucker knows how to pick them.

So who is taking the place of Roland Martin, who went away mad, and spoke out of turn about "White Executives," who run CNN telling their employees that they didn't want to do no ethnic stuff that they were out to please "the majority." That's why they hired S.E. Cupp, the tea party airhead and Glen Beck protege who use to appear on "The Cycle" to anchor the newly revised, "Crossfire." She did a tough love piece on a black man and his pregnant partner without giving information about whether Ms. Cupp, a single woman, is celibate or just another right wing hypocrite who proposes higher moral standards for blacks than for themselves. This dig at black pregnant women came a few weeks after a report that out of wedlock births had declined among blacks. She and others like Joe Klein get to libel blacks as slothful and immoral in the presence sometimes of black correspondents, who don't challenge them, who just sit there looking simple. Along side Cupp, Zucker hired Newt Gingrich as her co-host for the revival of the show "Crossfire." Gingrich tried to gain a presidential nomination by using racial codes. A serial check bouncer and hypocrite who called president Obama "the food stamp president."

Jeff Zucker didn't begin the profiling of blacks at CNN. They first came under criticism from FAIR when they issued false reports of looting and mayhem in New Orleans. The chief exaggerator then was Jeff Koinage, who later was disgraced after he was found to have staged a news event in Nigeria. (10) CNN was also criticized by ram for entering into a business relationship with the Tea Party Express (11), one of the media's inventions, whose leader had called the president a Muslim. But CNN is heading in an even more racist direction under Zucker. His answer to the falling ratings of CNN which was almost tanked had it not been for the OJ trial is to join the multibillion dollar black boogeyman industry, no matter the consequences for blacks in everyday life in a country where the majority of people get their information from television.

Zucker, and Rupert Murdoch, whose New York Post showed Barack Obama, the accommodationist, as a dead chimp laying on the sidewalk, continue to inflame "the majority" with images of black people as the dregs of the earth. Why do I call the president an accommodationist? I defended him in his last campaign and first term in office, because he was up against a racist media, which I called a "white power government in exile." But I always took him to task for his tough love lectures, aimed, exclusively, at black men. I figured his reason was the same as that for Clinton's Sister Souljah moment. Relieving himself on blacks as a way of gaining white votes.

But now that he doesn't have to appeal to white voters, he could try to do something concrete about black men not being at home. Now that the drug laws have changed regarding power cocaine and crack (which is labeled a black drug, even though the majority of users are white), he might think about granting clemency to the thousands of black men and women who are in prison as a result of law enforcement singling blacks out for drug penalties. He could also pardon Jack Johnson. His response to the verdict that allowed George Zimmerman to get his gun back after murdering an innocent teenager in cold blood--another one of those disgraces brought to us by a white or majority-white jury--was to make a "historic speech" about racial profiling. But, at the same time, his administration was floating the nomination of Raymond Kelly, New York Police Commissioner, and enforcer of the notorious "stop and frisk" policy, to head the Department of Homeland Security. Kelly is the same man who returned a gun to a cop who shot Amadou Diallo after promising Diallo's mother that he woudn't. According to The New York Times Kadiatou Diallo said in a phone interview from her home in Maryland, "Now he has turned around and given back the gun. We want to know why. Why did he change his mind?"

In the president's speech he again referred to black disfunction, on a day when The New York Times finally, finally! ran a story about the heroin epidemic occurring in the white communities of New England. After the speech white commentators praised him especially for the black dysfunction parts. Typical was an MSNBC panel, which followed the speech. Four white men and Toure, white men who can shop without being stalked.

While Streicher was hanged at Nuremberg for his using the media to stir up the passions of Germans against the Jews and radio stations in Europe and Africa have been shut down for promoting ethnic hatred, Zucker, who does the same will get rich. As the CNN executives told Rick Sanchez who, like Martin, was fired, "race sells."


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