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Jean-MarieTillard, O.P. (Canada).

Ottawa--Ecumenical theologian Jean-Marie Tillard, O.P., died at the Dominican College on November 13. He was 73.

Tillard specialized in Anglican-Catholic dialogue in which field he was a leading academic voice for the Catholic side. He was one of the four authors--two Catholic, two Anglican--of the document The Gift of Authority (see "Anglicans called to accept Pope's primacy," C.I. July/Aug. 1999, p.20).

After the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) made the drive for unity among Catholics a priority, Fr. Tillard became a leading theologian in this field, sometimes quite critical of his own Church. In 1982 he published the book The Bishop of Rome, which had a mixed reception. Since that time he had published many more books and articles.

One weakness of Fr. Tillard as an academic absorbed in theological thrust and counter-thrust was that the erosion of family morality and its impact on the Anglicans seemed to escape him, with the result that he continued to write as if the Anglicans since the mid-sixties were still a viable, united community. Today it is so badly divided over moral issues (abortion, homosexuality), over the ordination of women (passed in 1992), and over other disagreements, doctrinal as well as liturgical, that it has fractured into four or five denominations, with a hugely diminished number of faithful.
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