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Jayyous under attack this week: olive trees destroyed, demonstrators shot.

Jayyous / Mohammad Othman - Since Thursday evening the village of Jayyous has been the site of intense repression at the hand of Israeli forces who have been firing tear gas, rubber coated steel bullets and live ammunition at villagers. On Friday afternoon there were between 20 and 30 military jeeps in the Qalqilia area village that is encircled by the Wall. Soldiers have been firing for nearly 24 hours straight.Three groups of soldiers forced their way into three houses near the south gate of the village, where the heaviest shooting is occurring. They have overtaken the rooftops as sniper towers to fire into the crowds of demonstrators and stone-throwers.Israeli soldiers shot a 22 year old at close range with live bullets. After shooting the man the soldiers detained him for an hour and a half. All medical personnel and his family were prevented from reaching him. Meanwhile another youth was shot in the leg with a rubber bullet.Another young man was taken for several hours during which time he was severely beaten. His face is bloodied and it is believed that bones are broken.Israeli forces also brought a bulldozer into the northern West Bank town in order to raze the land at the south gate of Jayyous. At least 10 olive trees have been uprooted thus far but the destruction continues. Farmland is destroyed while some 600 people from the village have mobilized to try to stop the bulldozer. Israeli soldiers are blocking the roads, preventing residents from reaching the land.The attacks began after noon prayers today when 200 young people led a demonstration against occupation. Arriving at the Wall's southern gate they waved Palestinian flags and chanted slogans for justice. Israeli forces began firing tear gas and rubber bullets. The youth then began throwing stones and the soldiers began firing live bullets. It was then that the bulldozer arrived. The situation in the Qalqilia District town has been severe for the past several days. Jayyous is surrounded by the Wall and was one of its first victims in 2002 -- 2003.

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Publication:Palestine News Network (West Bank, Palestine)
Date:Feb 6, 2009
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