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Jay and Kanye West's H.A.M.

THE two biggest names in hip hop, Kanye West and Jay Z, have paired up for latest offering H.A.M, producing something akin to an old skool rap battle. Unfortunately, there isn't really any infectious hooks or smart samples - but thankfully there's no autotune either, although what else would you expect from Jay - Death of Autotune - Z. Kanye stands out on this track: he's gone back to his roots and dropped all the commercialised nonsense. Truth be told, not our cup of tea, but it will surely be a hit.

WOW, Britney is back and she's a dance diva. Her new up-tempo track Hold it Against Me clearly isn't her usual bag and is far removed from the bubble gum pop she was renowned for when she surfaced more than a decade ago. Hopefully this is the start of a successful comeback for Miss Spears. We think she's actually talented when she puts her mind to it.
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Jan 21, 2011
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