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Jawea Ice Cream.

When I went vegan, I thought certain flavors would be in the past, including dulce de leche. This was before I came across Jawea's divine selection of vegan ice creams. Their Salty Dulce flavor had me checking the back of the container several times because I had never had such a creamy vegan ice cream before. In fact, it is made from coconut cream, tapioca, organic cane sugar, and other plant ingredients. So far, Jawea has created 5 mouth-watering flavors of coconut-based ice cream. In addition to Salty Dulce, they offer Horchata, Chocolate Horchata, Mango Chili, and Spiced Coffee. While coffee ice cream isn't typically my thing, this one tasted like a delicious frozen chai latte to me, rather than a traditional coffee flavor.

At the time of printing, Jawea products were available mostly on the East Coast, but they can be ordered online at You can also request that your local grocery store carry Jawea's ice creams. Written by Alicia Hiickmann, VRG Intern.

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Date:Jul 1, 2017
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