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Jasper breaks big into the Chinese M2M market with China Unicom partnership: Sam Lucero, Senior Principal Analyst at IHS Technology.

The China Unicom partnership gives Jasper a key strategic foothold into the important Chinese M2M market China is last major "greenfield" country market for MCP vendors and a significant growth opportunity in terms of number of connections going forward.

The addition of China to the Jasper footprint will enable multinational enterprise customers to manage devices in China on the same global platform as their other country markets with local support and local, in-country tariffs.

These factors help further the "virtuous cycle" Jasper has leveraged well to date with its aggressive first-mover strategy. Other operators that have not partnered with Jasper will be more inclined to do so because of the China footprint. Likewise, multinational customers wanting to do business in China will also find the partnership, and use of the Jasper platform, attractive.

Ericsson to date does not have a similar China foothold, and while Ericsson cemented its strong second-place status in the duopolistic MCP market (with Jasper in the lead) with its GMA and Bridge Alliance wins, it will now be pressed to develop an effective response to Jasper's win with China Unicom.

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Title Annotation:Mobile World Congress News--Barcelona; machine to machine
Publication:Software World
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Date:Mar 1, 2015
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