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FEAST TO FAMINE? Jun 13, 2022 2565
BILL GATES, DAVOS ELITES PUSHING GLOBAL FOOD CONTROL: The same globalists who support and promote the tyrannical Covid agenda are also driving the world toward a global food crisis and famine. Jun 13, 2022 3446
DEFENDER OF CHRISTIAN FAITH AND MORALITY? In a great role reversal liberal-left activists and the mainstream media are attacking Russia and beating war drums, while many conservatives are hailing Putin as friend and ally. Are those our only options? May 16, 2022 3095
Putin, Ukraine, and the New World Order. May 16, 2022 782
Biden, Davos, and Digital Currency. Apr 25, 2022 742
The Horrific Costs of GOVERNMENT COVID POLICIES: Governments' responses to the Covid pandemic have cost trillions of dollars and have resulted in many more lives lost than saved. Apr 11, 2022 1918
BIDEN-EU ENERGY POLICY HELPED PUTIN INVADE UKRAINE: Having cut off our own energy sources to prevent "climate change," the West is financing Moscow's recapture of Ukraine, while issuing empty denouncements of Putin and impotent threats against Russia. Mar 28, 2022 1932
WHAT REALLY HAPPENED JANUARY 6: To the Biden-Pelosi Democrats and their Fake News enablers, questioning the 2020 elections must be equated with treason, sedition, insurrection, domestic terrorism, and white supremacy. Cover story Mar 14, 2022 3170
DID FEDERAL AGENTS PROVOCATEURS: INCITE J6 VIOLENCE? While federal officials refuse to answer vital questions, media propagandists continue to cover up mounting evidence of disturbing government involvement. Mar 14, 2022 3197
"ARMED INSURRECTION"? Mar 14, 2022 1357
"BIPARTISAN" HOAX: THE JANUARY 6 COMMITTEE'S FAR-LEFT AGENDA: As we saw with the Trump-Russia collusion hoax, the Left's plan is to dominate news cycles all the way to the November elections with charges of "insurrection.". Mar 14, 2022 3826
Truckers, Davos Elites, & Collapsing COVID Lies. Feb 28, 2022 738
Democrat Conspiracy and the January 6 Witch Hunt. Feb 14, 2022 768
Pelosi-Robespierre and the January 6 "Conspiracy". Jan 31, 2022 797
Kennedy's Truth Bomb Demolishes the Cult of Fauci. Jan 17, 2022 2353
CHINA'S TECH WAR: The People's Republic of China is aggressively advancing its computing and missile capabilities, using U.S. technology, in an effort to achieve world hegemony. Cover story Dec 13, 2021 6407
CHINA'S BRAIN MADE IN USA. Cover story Dec 13, 2021 1975
The Deep State: Funding America's Enemies Since 1917. Dec 13, 2021 774
COMRADE OMAROVA: Biden's Soviet-born Pick for Comptroller of the Currency: Former Communist youth leader Saule Omarova loves Karl Marx and wants to implement the Communist Manifesto plan for banking and lending. Nov 8, 2021 2320
Deep State Generals and the Afghan Debacle. Sep 20, 2021 783
Tough Talk, Warm Embrace: Biden, Wall Street & China. Jul 19, 2021 795
LYSENKOISM: THE DANGER OF POLITICIZED SCIENCE: Climate change, COVID-19, and the LGBTQ movement are all modern examples of politicized science. A story from the past serves as a warning to our present course. Jul 5, 2021 2685
THE DEEP STATE AND OUR MILITARY: The treacherous actions of top U.S. military leaders over the past four years reflect the dangerous influence acquired by the Council on Foreign Relations during a century of subversion. Cover story Jun 7, 2021 1903
Dr. Judith Reisman: A Champion for Our Time. May 10, 2021 732
Carve The Truth in Stone. Apr 19, 2021 784
Are You Awakened--or Woke? Apr 5, 2021 762
PUSHING the GREAT RESET. Mar 22, 2021 2128
BIDEN'S NON-DIVERSE "Diversity" Cabinet: Media mavens have swooned over the gender/race diversity of the Biden Cabinet, but they ignore the globalist ideological sameness of the appointments. Mar 22, 2021 2502
ELECTION TREASON Enemies Foreign and Domestic: Intelligence experts claim that much of the intelligence community is intent on following globalist wishes, opening U.S. doors to China's intrusions no matter the dangers. Feb 1, 2021 4381
DOMINION-SMARTMATIC: The foreign and domestic ties that two voting-machine companies have had lead to the conclusion that the machines could be, and were, used for election fraud in 2020. Feb 1, 2021 2022
Neocons Reviling Trump, REJOICING IN BIDEN: Claiming to represent "real conservatism," the left-tilted establishment GOP intelligentsia is cheering for the demise of President Trump. Jan 18, 2021 3284
Fox Loyalists' Wake-up Call. Dec 7, 2020 762
THE COUP AND THE MEDIA. Nov 23, 2020 1859
DEEP DIVE INTO THE DEEP STATE: This book not only points out the harmful actions of the members of what has been dubbed the "Deep State," it also names names and tells how to fight back. Book review Nov 9, 2020 1613
Gaslighting America, Stealing the Election. Oct 19, 2020 792
ANTIFA WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW: Antifa members are generally young, white militants who have bought into the promises of socialistic utopia, and are willing to use violence to achieve it. Reprint Oct 5, 2020 2472
"The Great Reset". Sep 7, 2020 789
Resistance Is NOT Futile. Aug 24, 2020 806
DIRECTING THE DISORDER: The CFR is the Deep State powerhouse undoing and remaking our world. Cover story Aug 10, 2020 3687
Total War and the Global Mafia. Aug 10, 2020 737
JAILBREAK HAMSTRINGING THE POLICE: Leftist politicians and their laws and policies are guaranteeing a revolving-door "catch and release" justice system that rewards criminals and endangers the innocent. Jul 6, 2020 2859
This Is What Mobocracy Looks Like. Jul 6, 2020 791
LETHAL LOCKDOWNS The WHO-CDC Global Genocide: The COVID "cure" will prove to be far more deadly than the much-hyped, much-feared coronavirus. Jun 22, 2020 2129
Dear Costco, Here's My Membership Card. Stuff it! Jun 8, 2020 806
PLAGUED BY BAD DATA: A countrywide shutdown is said to be necessary because of the deadliness of the coronavirus. But experts are simply guessing at death rates, and past pandemics were likely much worse. Apr 20, 2020 435
FANNING WUHAN VIRUS HYSTERIA: MEDIA'S LATEST ANTI-TRUMP WEAPON: The fearmongering Fake News is truly the "enemy of the American people," pushing a totalitarian agenda that is making us more and more like Communist China. Apr 20, 2020 1685
Coronavirus as Gateway to "Global Health Governance". Apr 20, 2020 2692
SUICIDE OR DEEP STATE MURDER? DHS whistleblower Philip Honey, who exposed the Obama administration's interference with tracking and arresting jihadists, was found dead just before a new book was due out. Mar 23, 2020 2272
Hong Kongers' HEROIC FIGHT: Beijing's communist elites and Wall Street's globalist elites continue conspiring together to strangle freedom in the prosperous city-state. Mar 9, 2020 3166
Deep State Injustice: Courts and Activists. Mar 9, 2020 778
LABEL-LYNCHING MATT SHEA: Mimicking the attacks on President Trump, ultra-left Democrats and their Fake News allies have unleashed a massive campaign smearing Washington State Representative Matt Shea as a "domestic terrorist.". Feb 3, 2020 4337
A UN ROGUES' GALLERY SOCIALISTS, COMMUNISTS, TERRORISTS, GLOBALISTS RUN THE SHOW: Agents of the Socialist International, Communist China, and Russia control the dictators club on the East River. Jan 20, 2020 3041
Breaking the League: One hundred years ago, the U.S. Senate, fighting for sovereignty, saved America from joining the League of Nations. Jan 20, 2020 4296
Don't Buy the "Refugee" Compassion Con. Jan 20, 2020 739
Impeachment Exposes Guilt of the Accusers. Dec 23, 2019 758
SOCIALISTS STOP SPREAD OF SUCCESS: Militants of the Socialist International are working hand-in-hand with Wall Street globalists at the United Nations to destabilize nations and build a socialist world government. Dec 9, 2019 2565
Globalists Gang-tackle TRUMP: CFR President Richard Haass is leading a chorus of "experts," media commentators, and neocon Republicans who are condemning President Trump's efforts to end our endless wars. Nov 18, 2019 2566
Turn Away "Our" ISIS Fighters AND KURDISH "REFUGEES": The Deep State thought-cartel commands the United States and EU to accept back terrorists who went to fight for ISIS, and also welcome hundreds of thousands of Kurdish "refugees.". Nov 18, 2019 1298
The Pigmen of the Deep State. Nov 4, 2019 783
UN INCITING YOUTH RENT-A-MOBS FOR GLOBALISM: The UN, in conjunction with national governments and private organizations, is pulling off a smoke-and-mirrors charade to project a fake image of popular support for the UN. Oct 21, 2019 2576
Deep State Impeachment Coup. Oct 21, 2019 743
BIG TECH: Under Fire: Its motto used to be "Don't be evil," but Google is being hammered--from within and without--for being very evil, with charges of lying, prying, spying, and treason. Aug 19, 2019 2363
"DRAG"ING KIDS INTO THE LGBTQ ABYSS: Outraged parents and grandparents are fighting to protect America's children from the Drag Queen Story Hour explosion being promoted by the militant LGBTQ lobby and its Big Business/Big Media allies. Cover story Aug 5, 2019 3787
BILDERBERG AND THE GLOBAL DEEP STATE: The annual gathering of elites signals foreboding plans for a global economy, surveillance, AI, censorship--and more. Jul 22, 2019 3654
BILDERBERG'S "RULING CLASS JOURNALISTS": Journalists in Big Media are hiding their active participation in bringing about a world government, through selectively reporting stories at the behest of the globalist entities they belong to. Jul 22, 2019 1191
Out of the Socialist-LGBTQ Closet. Jul 22, 2019 804
Bilderberg? What Bilderberg? Jul 8, 2019 828
Deep State Sleight of Hand. May 20, 2019 792
Swapping Crises for Crises. May 6, 2019 770
The Death Lobby Shows Its Fangs. Apr 22, 2019 808
World Government Summit: What You're Not Supposed to See: Elites are now openly making plans for global government--holding World Government Summits--yet hide their handiwork from Americans with the help of complicit media. Apr 8, 2019 2821
Mueller's Rampage Against Law and Liberty. Mar 4, 2019 757
DEEP DIVE INTO THE DEEP STATE: Though many Americans now acknowledge that there is indeed a Deep State controlling U.S. policy, they still don't recognize its driving force. Book review Jan 7, 2019 1502
Brexit Betrayal & the EU Liars Club. Jan 7, 2019 810
TARNISHED BRASS: DEEP STATE MILITARISTS VS. TRUMP: The one-world globalists have achieved a near stranglehold on the leadership of our military and intelligence agencies--with devastating results. Dec 24, 2018 2547
Corsi Strikes Back at the Deep State. Dec 24, 2018 732
MIDTERMS: How Much Did the Partisan Fake News & Tech Giants Aid Democrats? Big Media, Big Tech, and Big Money failed in their huge effort to create a Blue Wave, but they did help the Democrat-Left retake the House of Representatives. Dec 10, 2018 2064
Why the Hullabaloo Over State Representative Matt Shea? A last-minute, all-out smear attack by local, state, national, and international media failed to defeat the courageous legislator. But why did they attack him in the first place? Dec 10, 2018 2638
60th Anniversary: Celebrating The John Birch Society's Epic Journey: For six decades, under continuous enemy fire, The John Birch Society has carried the torch of freedom in the fight for God, family, country, and the Constitution. Cover story Oct 8, 2018 5129
Attacks on Trump Echo Smears of JBS: Pro-globalist socialists have twisted virtually every word and action of Donald Trump to make them bad--just as they have done with the JBS for decades. Oct 8, 2018 2044
SALUTING THE SOCIETY: Longtime John Birch Society president John F. McManus' book about the Society explains why and how the Society came into being, as well as the campaigns by it and against it. Book review Oct 8, 2018 1481
Will Trump Stop U.S.-China Convergence? Sep 3, 2018 771
NO BORDERS, NO NATION: Democrats have taken it upon themselves to be the voice for open borders, publicly calling for what hardcore socialists and Deep State globalists have wanted for decades. Cover story Aug 20, 2018 4709
Trump vs. the "Shadow Government". Aug 6, 2018 767
DUELING INVESTIGATIONS: Huge Consequences at Stake: It's Mueller, DOJ-FBI, Democrats, and media vs. Trump and GOP congressional supporters--as the inspector general's report pulls punches and dodges obvious conclusions. Jul 23, 2018 3471
GOLDEN NO LONGER: Is California Doomed? Beneath the surface of showy glitter, California is becoming a hollow shell, with rising poverty, crumbling infrastructure, sky-high taxes, and a fleeing middle class. Jul 9, 2018 6913
CALIFORNIA: How Far Left Can It Go? A new generation of ultra-left ideologues backed by billionaire tech moguls is challenging the "old guard" Democrats in order to push an even more-extreme Marxist agenda. Cover story Jul 9, 2018 1948
CALIFORNIA: Fighting for Freedom--and Survival. Jul 9, 2018 1440
WHO'S BEHIND the Michael Avenatti-Stormy Daniels Fake News Parade? Stormy Daniels' lawyer, Michael Avenatti, has not brought forth any damning evidence against Donald Trump, yet he gets TV interviews by the dozens--what gives? Jun 18, 2018 1944
The Deep State Liars Club. Jun 4, 2018 808
Bombshells & Black Holes: House Intel Report on Russia Collusion Finally Released ... Sort of: No Trump-Russia collusion, but plenty of anti-Trump collusion and conspiracy by Deep State operatives such as Comey, Clapper, and Brennan. May 21, 2018 2180
"A Murderer Is Less to Be Feared". May 21, 2018 810

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