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Jason Steele.

In his humorous new column "Boys on Boystown," openly gay Chicagoan Jason Steele talks about gay sex and relationships. But the column isn't appearing in some local gay paper. It's in the RedEye--a "younger, hipper' edition of the Chicago Tribune.

What subjects do you cover in your column? I like to talk about going out and what it's like to be gay in Chicago, There's one article I submitted recently about how I personally can't stand gay dance music. I'm more into the Bravery or the White Stripes. Any straight person who's reading these columns, I don't want them to think all gay people go out to dance clubs like those in Queer as Folk.

How have readers reacted? The responses have all been really positive. Well, there was one that said I was perpetuating gay stereotypes. But people are just really excited that there's someone out there talking about gay issues, but not in a political way--in a conversational way, in a "this is what happens" kind of way.

Will you expand to other nongay papers? I would love it to. I'm a writer who happens to be gay, and I'm writing about gay issues. I'm not even trying to speak for everyone. I'm just trying to relay my experiences and general observations,

Is your column advancing equality for gays? I guess I never really thought of it. I'm not trying to change anyone's point of view on things. If they do take something away from it that's positive, that's great. But overall, my goal is just to make people laugh.

--Interviewed by Angle J. Han
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Author:Han, Angie J.
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Date:Oct 25, 2005
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