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Jasomi Networks' New CALEA Technology Fixes `Achilles Heel' of VoIP Legal Intercept Solutions.

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SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 10, 2002

Advanced Device Tames the Constantly-Changing Routing Paths

of VoIP Calls by Establishing a Fixed Point of Routing

at Which Legal Intercept is Performed

Jasomi Networks today unveiled a powerful new Legal Intercept technology framework that addresses a key challenge for VoIP call carriers trying to meet the FCC's CALEA (Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act) regulations: how to provide authorities with the same kind of wiretapped information they currently get from older-style circuit-switched telephony networks.

CALEA, enacted by the federal government on October 25, 1994, requires all telecommunications providers to upgrade their networks to provide court-ordered call intercept capability. The deadline for circuit-switched communications networks was June 30, 2000; the deadline for packet-switched networks was November 19, 2001, although numerous extensions are in effect.

Complicating CALEA compliance for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony providers are the critical technology differences between packet-switched and older circuit-switched networks. Most notable among these differences is the tendency of a packet-switched call to travel a variety of network routes during the call's life, often shifting from moment to moment over multiple IP networks.

Further complicating matters is the fact that in the world of VoIP, the caller-to-callee audio stream often travels separately from the callee-to-caller portion, with the call signaling information (setup, teardown, and call control) using yet another route. While these features of VoIP calls make for very efficient call routing, they deny the carrier a single point in the network through which calls can be intercepted for the entire duration of the call.

Jasomi Networks has solved these problems with a new "intercept box" technology that is positioned at the edges of a carrier's network. The company's approach is to split each VoIP call into two parts--caller-to-intercept, and intercept-to-callee. By selectively passing call data between the two "half-calls", the intercept box creates the illusion of a complete call between the two endpoints, adding only a few microseconds of latency to each call packet. The intercept box becomes an ideal platform--a fixed point of call routing--from which to examine, duplicate, and forward call information to law enforcement agencies.

"Jasomi Networks' CALEA solution ensures that complete call information, including calling and called numbers, audio content, and call times, is available for interception and accurate delivery to authorities," said Dan Freedman, founder and CEO of Jasomi Networks. "Importantly, our `middle-box' technology prohibits callers and callees from determining whether their calls are being tapped, since the box is in the path of every call whether or not it is being wiretapped."

The technology underlying Jasomi's CALEA solution is referred to as a Back to Back User Agent (B2BUA) with an integrated media proxy. It represents an attractive solution for VoIP CALEA compliance because it is both economical to produce and easy to deploy without major modifications to a carrier's network. The technology is being scaled to handle a throughput of 1Gbps of voice traffic (G.729, G.711, etc.) at wire speed in a 1U rack mount package, or faster by cascading multiple units.

Company Seeks Collaborators

As a cost-effective, non-disruptive, and highly scalable approach, Jasomi Network's intercept box promises to significantly and positively impact the technological and regulatory challenges packet-switched telephony providers continue to face. Jasomi is currently seeking collaboration with other solution providers in the Legal Intercept field--especially those who can offer storage and forwarding of captured call information, as well as those who can receive and interpret law enforcement agency instructions--to further extend the intercept box concept. Interested parties should contact Dan Freedman at 408-252-8647 or email

For more information about Jasomi Networks' CALEA technology, including a white paper explaining how the technology can meet Legal Intercept requirements for VoIP telephony providers, visit

About Jasomi Networks

Jasomi Networks brings processes to market that enable or improve IP telephony business models. The company's focus is on creating innovative, practical solutions that effectively solve specific IP telephony problems. Jasomi is a carrier focused company that recognizes and enhances the entire value chain from carrier to reseller and service provider to enterprise. Jasomi Networks is based in San Jose, CA and Calgary, Canada, and is privately held. For further information, contact Jasomi Networks at (408) 252-VOIP (8647), or send email to Jasomi's web site is
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Apr 10, 2002
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