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Jarratt Davis to Add Apprenticeship Programme to Suite of Educational Resources for Forex Traders.

LONDON, Nov. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Jarratt Davis, one of the world's leading forex traders and educators, has announced plans to introduce an online apprenticeship programme as part of his ever-expanding suite of educational resources.

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Ranked as the second best performing trader in the world by Barclay Currency Trading Index, Jarratt Davis has produced a highly popular online forex training course for aspiring retail traders. As part of the expansion plans for, the UK based trader is now preparing to launch an apprenticeship programme, specifically designed for those traders who are looking for one-on-one mentoring.

The apprenticeship programme will take trainee traders through a comprehensive set of modules to teach them the principles of institutional level trading. Set for a 2015 launch, the programme will have a limited amount of spaces at any one time to ensure that each apprentice gets adequate training time with Jarratt Davis.

"Many traders send me requests via email, describing how they want to become an apprentice under my supervision. The problem I have always faced is finding enough time to give each of these people enough time to make a difference to their trading performance," explains Jarratt Davis.

"That's why I'm extremely excited about my new apprenticeship programme. The team at has worked exceptionally hard to create a structured online environment in which I can provide one-on-one tutoring to those traders who want to reach a professional level of trading.

"There will also be a thorough screening process before applicants can be accepted onto my apprenticeship programme. This is simply to ensure that they have enough trading experience to benefit from my tutelage, as a complete novice would need to go through basic training first.

"Fortunately, novices are very well catered for on already. My advice to those people would be to sign-up for my free educational video course to pin down the fundamentals of trading."

Jarratt Davis is widely known within the forex industry to be an innovator in education. He has recently launched a free four hour video series, which directly addresses the common mistakes novice retail traders are likely to make.

What's more, the video series explores the key components of Jarratt's trading methodology and discusses the three major concepts that drive success in trading: understanding fundamental analysis, risk management, and trading psychology.

These self-taught strategies have led Jarratt Davis to earn positions at influential financial institutions across the world. As the current head of a forex division at a global investment firm, he believes that retail traders can overcome their entry-level difficulties by simply adjusting their methodology and mindset.

"Effective trading is essentially the repetition of good habits. When people start on their forex trading journey, it can be hard to know what trading strategies to use to become profitable. The objective with this free educational video course is to help traders identify their bad habits, and to replace them with the good ones," adds Jarratt Davis.

"The video course also focuses on the importance of emotions and feelings in trading. Being able to deal with the fluctuating emotions that arise in a trading environment is absolutely vital to success. Over the years I've learned how to remove emotion from my decision making in order to tune into the sentiment of the market objectively."

The techniques that Jarratt Davis shares with his students are the ones that have seen him beat the stock market annually since he began trading in 2008. During that time, thousands of people have registered to receive his educational resources and courses.

"I consider myself very fortunate to be able to teach forex to thousands of people. When traders reach a professional level, forex can be a life-changing career move. It brings a level of freedom to everyday life that most people will never experience," explains Jarratt Davis.

"The problem that people face is a saturated forex education market. There's so much information available online that it can be difficult to know where to start. When I started my trading career, I came across a lot of money making scams that promised to deliver a perfect forex trading system. I soon realised that no such system exists and that I would have to develop my own trading strategies.

"My hope is that this free educational video series will remove that frustrating process of trial and error for retail traders. They can rest safe in the knowledge that my methodology, once mastered, can achieve long-term profitable results."

Those who wish to subscribe to apply to Jarratt Davis' apprenticeship programme, or view the free educational video series, should visit and submit their name and email address.

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Date:Nov 21, 2014
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