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Jared Sowan creates muisc to satisfy the soul.


Jared Sowan from the Swan River First Nation is a multitalented musician who has been expressing himself musically from a very early age. We have all heard the expression, 'Jack of all trades' well he is known as 'Jared of many talents'.

He plays piano, drums, bass and guitar, from gospel to country, the blues and rock. Sowan had his first taste of performing on stage at the Jubilee Auditorium at the Black Gospel Choir night.

He has also showcased his talent at the Alberta Centennial Celebration that took place in Calgary.

From playing at the Metis Crossing to the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards and even collaborating with Metis Elder Darlene "Pearl" Auger at the 5th Annual Leonard Cohen night where he and Darlene did a rendition of Leonard Cohen's 'That don't make it junk' in Cree. In 2007, Sowan won Best Blues Album in Milwaukie at The Indian Summer Music Awards.

His initial inspiration to be a musician is something he said that was just inside him wanting to come out.

He believes that the creator gives everyone a talent or a gift that should be used to help others whether it is emotionally, physically or mentally.

He has shared his gift through music which has lead him to win numerous awards and the creation of his album 'Eclectically Yours'. The album is based on life's trails and tribulations and experiences that have made Sowan a stronger person. The outcome is thirteen tracks of pure human emotion and his gratifying healing process that ended up positive with a more optimistic outlook on his life.

From working on the rigs to any form of manual labour, Sowan was looking for what made him happy.

When he realized it was time to feed his soul, he started on the journey to creating music full time.

Like a man building a house to shelter his family, Sowan creates music to satisfy his listeners souls with the healing powers of music.

Not only is he musically inclined Jared is a humorous person with a deep and down to earth nature that makes him stand out in a crowd.

BB King, The Rolling Stones, Creedence Clearwater Revival and old school rock are his influences, and he stays true to the blues. One of his main influences is none other than fellow blind Canadian musician jazz blues rock guitarist Jeff Healy who passed away of cancer in early March of this year. Sweetgrass asked Sowan if he had the chance to jam with anyone in the world, who would it be and his answer was female singer songwriter blues extraordinaire, Bonnie Raitt "with out a doubt." And if he was only allowed to have a music collection of five artists they would be: BB King, Muddy Waters the Beatles, Jeff Healey and The Rolling Stones.

"Stay true to yourself and always believe in everything that you do and never give up," are his words to pass on to fellow Native musicians who are contemplating on showing the world the special gift that the creator has passed on to the lucky few that are born naturally talented.

Sowan will be performing at The Oil Can in Fort McMurray on April 21. For more information or to purchase "Eclectically Yours", go to jaredsowan.



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