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Cross-cultural analysis of Japanese and Mediterranean entrepreneurs during the global economic crisis. Toubes, Diego R.; del Junco, Julio Garcia; Abe, Masataka Business case study May 1, 2019 7396
Circular Derivative Local Binary Pattern Feature Description for Facial Expression Recognition. Toudjeu, Ignace Tchangou; Tapamo, Jules-Raymond Report Feb 1, 2019 4209
Japanese man detained in Turkey on suspicion of joining Daesh. Brief article Mar 23, 2016 185
Curbside consult: Treating Japanese patient with family pressures. Viewpoint essay May 1, 2015 1492
Tokio kid say ... Gabrick, Robert May 1, 2015 2686
Mixing Sushi And Samba. Veselinovic, Milena Brief article Jun 19, 2013 172
Importing Japan: a little store in Melbourne exclusively carries the coolest Tokyo designers. Frank, Alex Oct 1, 2012 1025
Protectionist psych. Jan 1, 2012 434
Employee satisfaction with welfare policies in German and Japanese companies operating in Bangkok, Thailand. Napompech, Kulkanya Report Sep 22, 2011 4983
Women in Japanese society: constraint and fulfillment. Spiridon, Veronica Gabriela Report Jun 1, 2011 2364
Japanese remain calm in face of losses. Brief article May 1, 2011 247
Avalokitevara's manifestation as the Virgin Mary: the Jesuit adaptation and the visual conflation in Japanese Catholicism after 1614. Shin, Junhyoung Michael Mar 1, 2011 15948
Exploring the boundary between morality and religion: the Shin-shinshukyo (new new religions) phenomenon and the aum anti-utopia. Frentiu, Rodica Essay Dec 22, 2010 9897
Eating seaweed gives gut a boost: bacteria enable some Japanese to digest the indigestible. Milius, Susan Brief article May 8, 2010 295
Comparing Japanese international college students' and U.S. college students' mental-health-related stigmatizing attitudes. Masuda, Akihiko; Hayes, Steven C.; Twohig, Michael P.; Lillis, Jason; Fletcher, Lindsay B.; Gloster, Report Jul 1, 2009 5037
The provocation of dim sum; or, making diaspora visible on film. Chow, Rey Essay Jul 1, 2009 5134
Italy seizes $135B of US bonds from two Japanese nationals. Brief article Jun 11, 2009 261
Japanese Back Obama Over McCain; Disapproval of Bush and disappointment in domestic politics factors. Survey Oct 21, 2008 802
In Developed Asia, a Clear Preference for Obama; Margin 4-to-1 in Japan, Australia and 2-to-1 in South Korea, Singapore. Ray, Julie Survey Oct 21, 2008 544
Most Japanese Say Economy Getting Worse; Consumers also pessimistic about nation's future. Ray, Julie Survey Jul 7, 2008 491
In Top Polluting Nations, Efforts to Live "Green" Vary; Americans, Japanese express highest levels of environmental stewardship. Rheault, Magali Survey Apr 22, 2008 731
North Korea's abduction of Japanese citizens and the Six-Party Talks. Chanlett-Avery, Emma Mar 1, 2008 2951
Japan's out-of-the-way gay world. Nawrocki, Jim Jan 1, 2008 1820
The old generation in (mid)Showa Japan: Hasegawa Nyozekan, Maruyama Masao, and postwar thought. Hanneman, Mary L. Country overview Sep 22, 2007 12907
Japanese players becoming key factors in the majors. Edes, Gordon Aug 1, 2007 2420
Who is Sakamoto Ryoma? Jun 22, 2007 370
Changing hopes and concerns about gene therapy in Japan. Macer, Darryl; Okada, Yoshihiro; Nakagawa, Makoto; Ng, MaryAnn Chen; Inaba, Masakazu Report May 1, 2007 8896
Japanese patients who took high doses of fish oil along with statins, the standard treatment to lower cholesterol, had fewer heart attacks and cardiovascular problems than those taking drugs alone, a study in the Lancet found. Brief article Apr 2, 2007 166
Janapanese authorities reportedly advice against Tamiflu use in adolescents. Tucker, Miriam E. Apr 1, 2007 452
Japan's husbands rush to rescue marriage. Brief article Mar 1, 2007 197
Boston Papers Develop New Pitch. Strupp, Joe Brief article Feb 1, 2007 191
Jpn J Clin Oncol. Tobacco smoking and breast cancer risk: an evaluation based on a systematic review of epidemiological evidence among the Japanese population. Nagata, C.; Mizoue, T.; Tanaka, K. Brief article Jan 1, 2007 115
Counseling Japanese men on fathering. Seto, Atsuko; Becker, Kent W.; Akutsu, Motoko Sep 22, 2006 4066
Guilt, identity, and Japaneseness: if we are to love Japan, we must learn to forgive the Japanese. This will never be easy, since the Japanese do not seek collective forgiveness and believe they did nothing as a nation that might make it necessary. Fulford, Robert Sep 22, 2006 3628
Marketing to Japanese visitors. Sigall, Bob Mar 1, 2006 756
Verocytotoxin-producing Escherichia coli, Japan. 1999-2004. Okabe, Nobuhiko Feb 1, 2006 1875
Japan 2005 yearend Update: with Japan climbing out of economic decline, the years ahead look positive. Bailey, Ron Dec 1, 2005 1279
Renowned Japanese Mars observers. Sheehan, William; Minami, Masatsugu Dec 1, 2005 676
Marketing matters. Shoji, Sandra Oct 1, 2005 2324
Between bushido and black humour: Stewart Lone looks beyond the idea of the impassive, self-sacrificing citizen to discover how ordinary Japanese people really reacted to the war with Russia, 1904-05. Lone, Stewart Sep 1, 2005 3508
Cash-in-hand is important to Japanese consumers. Sep 1, 2005 519
Exploring "Lesson Study" in Teacher Preparation. Fernandez, Maria L. Report Jul 1, 2005 172
The influence of Sekentei on family caregiving and underutilization of social services among Japanese caregivers. Asai, Masayuki O.; Kameoka, Velma A. Apr 1, 2005 5629
Meaning of family--professional partnerships: Japanese mothers' perspectives. Kasahara, Maho; Turnbull, Ann P. Mar 22, 2005 9596
Wartime propaganda: enemies defined by race. Sapre, Erin E. Critical essay Sep 22, 2004 5845
Many self-employed workers, especially young people, aren't paying into Japan's social security system because they don't think they'll get their money back. Oliver, Charles Brief Article Aug 1, 2004 83
U.S. hot topics: what is the Japanese perspective? Examining America's hot trends in the context of the Japanese marketplace. Bailey, Ron Jul 1, 2004 1273
Food for thought? Sep 1, 2003 793
Survey finds 11% of Japanese suffer from diabetes, experts dub it country's "national disease". Brief Article Aug 26, 2003 147
Selling to seniors: the "grey panthers" duke it out with the rip-off artists in Japan's new growth market. Whitten, Darrel Jul 1, 2003 1319
Mirror, mirror on the wall. Jul 1, 2003 633
Marine products in Japan: Providing an assessment of the marine products market. (Japan Insider). Bailey, Ron Jul 1, 2003 1408
Japanese literature, or "J-Literature," in the 1990s. Fukushima, Yoshiko Apr 1, 2003 3465
11 September and the clash of civilizations: the role of the Japanese media and public discourse. Sakai, Keiko Jan 1, 2003 9512
Spiritual refugee. Chodos, Junko Jan 1, 2003 7495
Ground Zero in retrospect. Brief Article Dec 1, 2002 230
Scientific method. Brief Article Nov 1, 2002 202
Regimentation revolt: no IDs for the Japanese. (Citings). Doherty, Brian Brief Article Nov 1, 2002 231
People's China and the Asian future. (JFQ Forum). De Santis, Hugh Sep 22, 2002 4935
Japanese speaking in thumbs. (International). Brief Article Sep 6, 2002 104
A narrative analysis of advanced Japanese language students. Torii-Williams, Eiko Jun 22, 2002 3936
WORLD VIEW: Getting to the Heart: Of Public Junior High Schools In Japan - For the Japanese schools and teachers Mr. Gump knows, switching to the "American way" would break down the social and psychological network that holds Japanese public schools together. For them, a school without a teachers' room would be a school without a heart. Gump, Steven Jun 1, 2002 3164
Interpreting "Japanese activities" in Australia, 1888-1945. Oliver, Pam May 1, 2002 8433
"And a little child shall lead them." The Agency of the Innocent in an Early Story by Oe Kenzaburo. Ryan, Marleigh Grayer Critical Essay Mar 22, 2002 7606
Hunkered down: Japan is a nation of savers who "hate" risk. But these days, nothing looks too safe. (Japan Journal). Matus, Dawn Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 714
Japanese still drinking beer, recession be damned. Jan 21, 2002 133
For some heart patients, days are numbered. Bower, B. Brief Article Jan 5, 2002 578
Self-mockery in Japanese (1). Suzuki, Satoko Jan 1, 2002 10847
The demand for cigarettes in Japan: Impact of information dissemination on cigarette consumption. Yorozu, Isao; Zhou, Yimin Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2002 7533
The word "is" the thing: The "kotodama" belief in Japanese communication. Hara, Kazuya Dec 22, 2001 3744
IV. Healthcare reform. Dec 1, 2001 9370
TLC/CARL Offers 'CARLweb Japanese'. Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 119
Japanese attendee objectives for building products trade shows: A cross-national. (Comparison Management). Smith, Paul M.; Hama, Kazuyo; Smith, Timothy M. Statistical Data Included Nov 1, 2001 5123
Japan on the edge -- reconciling ritual with reality. SLESSOR, CATHERINE Oct 1, 2001 1378
Globalizing the economics curriculum: A view from Japan. Fuess, Scott M. Jr. Sep 22, 2001 6323
The Word "is" The Thing: The "Kotodama" Belief in Japanese Communication. Hara, Kazuya Sep 22, 2001 4402
Interdependency in immigrant mother--daughter relationships. Usita, Paula M. Jun 1, 2001 8168
Beans to eat like peanuts. Cohoon, Sharon Brief Article May 1, 2001 239
Huge steaks--hold the sauce. Brief Article Dec 1, 2000 114
No Worries - Asian Tourism. Osmond, Stephen J. Brief Article Aug 1, 2000 571
THE DUTCH IN JAPAN. Doolan, Paul Apr 1, 2000 2886
Research project on men and prostitution. (Japan). Jan 1, 2000 3412
EDITOR'S NOTEBOOK. Brief Article Dec 1, 1999 561
Free at last. Paiva, Derek Sep 1, 1999 735
JAPAN'S IMPERIAL FAMILY: ITS ROLE AND MEANING IN MODERN JAPAN. Lamont-Brown, Raymond Critical Essay Sep 1, 1999 2539
Pierre Loti in Japan: impossible exoticism. Dedet, Andre Mar 1, 1999 2159
Japanese need sense of crisis to spur revival. Sieg, Linda Feb 15, 1999 517
Ganbatte: understanding the Japanese employee. Meek, Christopher B. Jan 1, 1999 6839
High customer service expectations. Oct 1, 1998 572
Japanese get taste for wines. Panozzo, Lisa Jul 6, 1998 192
Reality bites. DeSilva, Craig Apr 1, 1998 1241
Smaller is profitable. Lohr, Alexandra Purnell Apr 1, 1998 1528
Worst is yet to come. Watts, Jonathan Apr 1, 1998 2356
Gender enactment on a first date: a Japanese sample. Nakanishi, Masayuki Mar 22, 1998 6305
Two age of acquisition effects in the reading of Japanese Kanji. Yamazaki, Makiko; Ellis, Andrew W.; Morrison, Catriona M.; Ralph, Matthew A. Lambon Aug 1, 1997 6301
A second look at the 'Towa Sanyo': clues to the nature of the Guanhuah studied by Japanese in the early eighteenth century. Simmons, Richard VanNess Jul 1, 1997 4720
Higher education in Japan. Hayes, Louis D. Jul 1, 1997 7183
Breaking the mold: women in Japanese theatre. Koike, Misako Apr 1, 1997 1982
Editor's notebook. Barrus, Jeff Editorial Mar 1, 1997 632
Jomon genes: using DNA, researchers probe the genetic origins of modern Japanese. Travis, John Cover Story Feb 15, 1997 1412
Year of the tourist. Barrus, Jeff Feb 1, 1997 1254
Dark star. Ratliff, Ben Sep 1, 1996 749
Middle-aged and older employees in Japanese corporations: their plight during the process of major historic change in employment. Suzuki, Norihiko Aug 1, 1996 4370
Supplier preferences and dumping: an analysis of Japanese corporate groups. Kreinin, Mordechai E. Jul 1, 1996 4690
New technology, subsidies, and competitive advantage. Chen, Zhiqi Jul 1, 1996 10309
For sale. Rodman, Jack Cover Story Jul 1, 1996 3415
Beat Zen, square Zen, and Zen. Watts, Alan Jun 22, 1996 3341
Innovation - Japanese style. Herbig, Paul A.; Palumbo, Frederick A. May 1, 1996 8009
Cross-national cognitive process differences: a comparison of Canadian, American and Japanese managers. Abramson, Neil R.; Keating, Robert J.; Lane, Henry W. Feb 1, 1996 8836
The Rashomon effect at Kobe. Reid, T.R. Transcript Dec 22, 1995 914
Japan's Shinjinrui: the new breed. Herbig, Paul A.; Borstorff, Pat Dec 1, 1995 8918
What does marketing really mean to the Japanese? Genestre, Alain; Herbig, Paul; Shao, Alan T. Sep 1, 1995 9622
Japanese attitudes toward American business involvement in Japan: an empirical investigation. Akhter, Syed H.; Hamada, Toshikazu Jun 22, 1995 3203
Tourists' perceptions of service in shops: Japanese tourists in Australia. Reisinger, Yvette; Waryszak, Robert Z. Sep 1, 1994 5565
Japanese company reports available on on Investext. Brief Article Apr 1, 1994 168
English in Japan: it takes form. Voss, Barbara Aug 1, 1993 731
Japanese education: no recipe for authentic learning. Nordquist, GwenEllyn Apr 1, 1993 3338
Japan's "cram schools." (additional preparation for college examinations) (The Challenge of Higher Standards) Pettersen, Larry Feb 1, 1993 1781
Let's get visual: revelations after six days with Japanese customers. Lombard, Catherine Nov 1, 1992 980
Study reveals views on product innovation. Studt, Tim Feb 1, 1992 287
Editor's letter. Serafini, Dom editorial Aug 1, 1991 352
Group orientation and Japanese business. Haitani, Kanji Sep 22, 1990 2043
Rising imports, changing lifestyles bode well for food business in Japan. Apr 1, 1989 716
Look beyond Japan to sustain growth, shrimp marketers told at Boston show. Apr 1, 1989 999
Women's Studies and the International Student: A Report on a Course for Japanese Women. Rosser, Sue V. Report Jun 1, 1983 311

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