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Translating Toshiko Hirata's Ars Poetica. Hyett, Eric E.; Thurlow, Spencer Sep 22, 2020 677
Gamification Assisted Language Learning for Japanese Language Using Expert Point Cloud Recognizer. Udjaja, Yogi Report Jan 1, 2018 6003
Why learn Japanese? An examination of teachers' perceptions and students' reasons. Howard, Jocelyn; Ogino, Masayoshi; Payne, Rachel; Dunn, Karyn Report Jul 1, 2017 8418
Integrating language and content: challenges in a Japanese supplementary school in Victoria. Okumura, Shinji; Obara, Yumi Report Jul 1, 2017 3300
Maximising the proficiency of advanced Japanese language learners in a blended-learning environment: A pilot study. Tsurutani, Chiharu; Imura, Taeko Report Nov 1, 2016 5480
Japanese women's speech: an example of charm and wit. Spiridon, Veronica Report Jul 1, 2014 2649
An historical perspective on women's speech in Japanese. Nicolae, Raluca Report Jul 1, 2014 4197
Issues in translating common Japanese phrases. Spiridon, Veronica Gabriela Report Jan 1, 2014 1980
Coordinated compounds: comparison between English and Japanese. Shimada, Masaharu Report Jun 1, 2013 7858
iiTomo: a course book series for teachers and students of Japanese in Years 7 to 10. Hess, Cherie May 1, 2013 1762
Reducing teaching hours in tertiary Japanese: a case study. Ascione, Judith; Bramley, Nicolette Feb 1, 2013 3807
Hebrew or Japanese? List May 1, 2012 1197
Kanji learning attitudes and self-directed learning by learners of Japanese as a foreign language: a case study. Gamage, Gayathri Haththotuwa Report Nov 1, 2011 6190
The Japanese assistant teacher program in Western Australia: a consideration of the pros and cons. Hasegawa, Hiroshi Report May 1, 2011 7187
Intercultural language learning through translation and interpreting: a study of advanced-level Japanese learners. Takimoto, Masato; Hashimoto, Hiroko Report May 1, 2011 5465
An alien from their own language: the case of Japanese in New South Wales. Oguro, Susan; Moloney, Robyn Case study Feb 1, 2010 5716
Speaking Japanese in Japan: issues for English speakers. Stephens, Meredith Feb 1, 2010 4377
New etymologies for some Japanese time-words. Unger, J. Marshall Jan 1, 2010 4231
Perception and Production of Geminate and Single Consonants by Learners of Japanese Language. Uchida, Ayumi Report Mar 2, 2009 369
Threshold to Transfer Writing Skills from L1 to L2. Ito, Fumihiko Author abstract Mar 1, 2009 756
Japanese Language and Culture: 10-3Y, 20-3Y, 30-3Y. 3-Year Program Guide to Implementation. Author abstract Jan 1, 2009 246
Japanese simplification of Chinese characters in perspective. Liu, Xuexin Essay Jan 1, 2009 4462
Art Speaks Japanese: Japanese Language Education Kit. McLaughlin, Megan Nov 1, 2008 631
Love mouth (Ai Zuchi). Howard, Jd Brief article Oct 1, 2008 264
Japanese lyric diction. Ozaki-Graves, Margaret Sep 1, 2008 3478
Individual Differences in L2 Acquisition of Japanese Particles "WA" and "GA". Mori, Sachiho Author abstract Aug 11, 2008 404
Distinguishing theories of syntactic expectation cost in sentence comprehension: evidence from Japanese. *. Nakatani, Kentaro; Gibson, Edward Jan 1, 2008 9244
Japanese Language and Culture: 9-Year Program Classroom Assessment Materials, Grade 4. Author abstract Jan 1, 2008 326
Linguaculture in the language classroom: a sociocultural approach. Mackerras, Stephen Nov 1, 2007 5802
Syntactic direction and obviation as empathy-based phenomena: a typological approach. Oshima, David Y. Jul 1, 2007 13675
Language Learning Strategies for Learners of Japanese: Focusing on Ethnicity Variable. Mori, Sachiho Author abstract May 20, 2007 318
VP-shell analysis for the acquisition of Japanese intransitive verbs, transitive verbs, and causatives *. Murasugi, Keiko; Hashimoto, Tomoko; Fuji, Chisato Report May 1, 2007 10673
Language Learning Strategy Use for Learners of Japanese in Different Levels. Mori, Sachiho Author abstract Apr 22, 2007 390
Issues in recreational language classes. Kawano, Mikiko Report Feb 1, 2007 2942
Supporting the teaching and learning of Chinese Japanese and Indonesian with a new interactive multimedia digital source. Clarke, Olivia; Gugger, Anne Feb 1, 2007 1585
Art, science, and Ste. Emilie's sunsets: a Haj-inspired cognitive approach to translating an Emily Dickinson poem into Japanese. Freeman, Margaret H.; Takeda, Masako Mar 22, 2006 8628
The "passive" voice in Japanese and German: argument reduction versus argument extension (1). Seino, Tomoaki; Tanaka, Shin Mar 1, 2006 7628
On mass denotations of bare nouns in Japanese and Korean *. Nemoto, Naoko Mar 1, 2005 9918
Students' voices on foreign language anxiety. Dosaka, Junko Mar 22, 2004 2958
Completive aspect, emotion, and the dynamic eventive: the case of Korean V-a/e pelita, Japanese V-te shimau, and Spanish se (1). Strauss, Susan Jul 1, 2003 9094
Cognition, epistemic scale, and functions of the Old Japanese question particle ka. (1). Shinzato, Rumiko May 1, 2002 9475
Fancy a viking, sooty? Powell, Steve Jan 1, 2002 1102
Testing Vocabulary Levels in Japan: A Literature Review. Loucky, John Paul Author abstract Jan 1, 2002 199
Revisiting the two-dimensional approach to mimetics: a reply to Kita (1997)(1). TSUJIMURA, NATSUKO Mar 1, 2001 3610
Semantic schism and interpretive integration in Japanese sentences with a mimetic: a reply to Tsujimura(1). KITA, SOTARO Mar 1, 2001 6366
A response to Kanno's "The stability of UG principles in second-language acquisition: evidence from Japanese"(1). SHEEN, RON Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 2000 7350
JAPANESE BROADCAST NEWS TRANSCRIPTION AND INFORMATION EXTRACTION. Furui, Sadaoki; Ohtsuki, Katsutoshi; Zhang, Zhi-Peng Feb 1, 2000 1361
Identity avoidance and constraint interaction: the case of Cantonese(*). SZE-WING TANG Jan 1, 2000 9915
The stability of UG principles in second-language acquisition: evidence from Japanese *. Kanno, Kazue Report Dec 1, 1998 7805
Is sharawadgi derived from the Japanese word Sorowaji? Shimada, Takau Aug 1, 1997 1553
Two age of acquisition effects in the reading of Japanese Kanji. Yamazaki, Makiko; Ellis, Andrew W.; Morrison, Catriona M.; Ralph, Matthew A. Lambon Aug 1, 1997 6301
Japan: beyond the "lessons of growth." Morris-Suzuki, Tessa Mar 22, 1996 8007
From stereotype to context: The study of Japanese women's speech. Abe, Hideko Nornes Sep 22, 1995 10073

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