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Japanese gov't bond futures prices.

TOKYO, Feb. 18 Kyodo

Closing prices of 10-year government bond futures and the yield on the latest issue of the 10-year bond on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on Thursday.

10-Year Gov't Bonds Futures Contract

Term Close (Yen) Change

Mar 2010 139.60 DN 0.01

Jun 2010 138.67 DN 0.07

Latest Issue of 10-Year Gov't Bond

Yield (PC) Change

(PC points)

No. 305 1.315 DN 0.005

Volume of Bond Transactions (Million Yen)

Stock-Subscription Warrants 821.0

Gov't Bonds (Futures) 10-year 2,148,600
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Publication:Japan Weekly Monitor
Date:Feb 22, 2010
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